Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Going out to eat fast food is BACK in fashion.

This is my place where I write about fast food and something that goes with fast food or topics we might want to discuss while eating fast food... for example, a photo of Rihanna's back (part of her hair too and the side of her face) at a McDonald's? Say huh? I just searched the News section of Google today (umm...yesterday) for what was going on at McDonald's. I was thinking more along the lines of what are the new menu items or if they chose Ronald McDonald for the mission to Mars (just kidding), and by the way, I am available but only if there are three or four beautiful female Japanese idols that are old enough to marry but just wanna be my special buddies, at least until we reach Mars. Then I could marry one of them on Mars, but of course it would all be fake because this would just be a movie, or maybe a sitcom. Long strange paragraph already way too long, Rihanna was at a McDonald's which means she's human after all, and that's good to know. There is a short article on GlobalGrind.com. You can see the photo on Instagram or at least it was on there today. Search: Instagram Rihanna on www.google.com.  It was the first one in the search results. Yes, I was man enough to look at her, or at least that was her back, I guess.  By the way, there aren't any backs like that where I live. So sad.