Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More thinking about Panda Express and photos

I can't say that thinking about fast food is more fun than eating it. Sometimes we think too much, or at least I think too much, and some people have let me know this, a little too much. HaHa only needs to be right after the last sentence because now I'm getting serious.

Going over the photos of the new Panda Express, it's easy to see some action, which I really like in photos. Cars in line at the drive-thru and people inside the restaurant show what was going on and gets me interested in going there, all over again.

Did any of my readers notice the produce truck parked in front of Panda Express? I'm glad I waited to mention this produce truck because it let readers find on their own something important in one of the photos, and if some of my readers went there, they were able to make up their minds for themselves whether or not the food tasted fresh. In my opinion, I feel the Chinese food I had from there was made with some of the freshest ingredients and was also freshly cooked. That's only my opinion, though, because I wasn't standing there watching what they were doing.

However, the following comparison also is important: The time before when I went to a different Panda Express restaurant, in Idaho, and I ate my meal inside the restaurant, one of the entrees didn't taste good to me. It was around Noon when I arrived there, just before the lunch-time crowd poured into the restaurant.

I expected the food would taste very good and fresh but it wasn't very good and not anywhere near the high  quality food at the new Panda Express restaurant. Maybe I'll write more about this and maybe not, but what I hope readers especially restaurant owners, managers and workers take from this is the how important it is to keep the quality and freshness of food to at a high level.

More about the photos... in one photo I couldn't get the plastic bag to show the full word Summer Hours. In another photo, the Panda Express sign is brought up closer by zooming in with the camera, and of course I'm not up there close to it. But someone was up there earlier that day... and Yes, I have that photo.

Next time...