Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Fun? The Commercial for Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich at Carl's Jr.

by Scott McLean

I wrote about (reviewed) the commercial for The Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich at Carl's Jr., in March. I like this commercial but it could have been funnier. It's for Hardee's too, but have I ever been there? Oh wait a minute, maybe that's where 'she' hangs out! No, couldn't be, I'm just being way excited for Dec. 30 sitting in my bedroom with nothing to do but write what someone, maybe more than one, will be reading.

The commercial is (was? hmm I guess it still is in the video) sexy and cute, slightly funny, but some people didn't like it, though I'm sure some of those people who didn't like it, love to see some of their favorite pop stars wearing almost nothing in music videos. Okay, whatever!

Did Carl's Jr. and Hardee's win big or lose big with this commercial? I think it's somewhere in between and that's pretty good because I did go there and ate the Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich, more than once.

Here is part of what I wrote on Fast Food Yummy in March 2013:

The sandwich was great!  It's delicious and I ate it this morning, perhaps spurred on to get it by the fact that some girl said she wasn't going to go there anymore.  At least I wouldn't have to see one man hater there.  Oh heck, I don't know if she hates men yet. She needs to love everyone, and love fish too.

The Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich is a winner.  I'm not much for "charbroiled" but I wanted to cancel out someone else's vote, or rather cancel out their comment with what is much better, my writing.

'Sun Tan' The Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich at Carl's Jr ® a...

I wrote about this fast-food commercial in March. I like this commercial but it could have been funnier.

Note: The title was with the video on YouTube and I just liked it and it showed that I could 'share' it which I did. I have no connection to advertisements and commercials which may appear with videos.

I'm Going to Listen to Christmas music/songs

I'm going to listen to some more Christmas and Holiday music and songs today and tomorrow. Not all songs are about the birth of Jesus, so everyone is welcome to listen to "Christmas" music. Have some fun!

Also, I want to listen to songs about snow, ice, winter, and many other topics about holidays and other stuff. That makes me happy!

Note: The above part was written and supposed to be posted on the 24th of December so now it's late. I did listen to Christmas music on Dec. 24 and a bit more on the 25th, also before that on various days.

No problem, (almost time for) Happy New Year!

Monday, December 23, 2013

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish

I don't think the bun has a map of where to go fishing. So don't go there and don't try to figure it out unless of course you like to waste your time. McDonald's Filet-O-Fish is one of my favorites for most of my life and I still eat it sometimes.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Is Fuzzy Like the Thinking of the .tVog Watching US

I was researching famous maps on the internet just minutes ago and who's to say what's a good way to know where in the hell we are and where do we wanna go? ogle pretty pretty well, danggit everything. Joke, I love danggit fish. Not sure I spelled it right, but yeah I loved fish in the Philippines. I'm just trying to waste everyone's time. No, not really, just waste the time of the spies. C'mon people, don't we despise the spies. Yeah, we do. I did bring this bun top into focus in another picture, so I'll put that up soon. Or late. Is this a map of future fishing holes? I doubt it but it's cute.

Spies Should Be Fired But I'll Give You a Map to Go Fishing, or not

Originally, I started this article with I'm no longer funny, and after some deep thought I decided to start it with  originally, I started this article with I'm no longer funny.

This almost looping opening paragraph wasn't brought to you by anybody. If it had been brought to you by somebody, it probably would have been brought to you by really intelligent people who are bored, but not the ones spying on me and perhaps some of my biggest fans. 

Actually, I have no idea why the NSA is spying on Americans. There's nothing funny about it, and it's very, very damn serious because they apparently don't care about the Constitution and protecting it is what matters to me.

Damn, it's almost the end of 2013! I never had any idea the NEWS would be so horrible and frightening this year. It makes me wanna go fishing? There was a map on a bun this summer and I should have seen where it went to or posted the bun (picture) at that time. Am I just trying to waste the time of all the internet spies who want to spy on all us nice and (damn I'm) average people in America. This is America and I love America! God Bless America! 

Where's the bun? Next time!

If it is a map and does go to a good fishing hole, then maybe all the spies can go there when WE THE PEOPLE 'let you go'. That means you should be fired by your boss. That's us.

Monday, December 09, 2013

There was a very small snow pile or snowdrift but I don't know if it came off the roof, was shoveled there or what but I enjoyed looking at it for a few minutes while parked at Jack in the Box and sipping my shake. This was after I went to the drive-thru to buy the shake.

Cold didn't keep me from getting a Shake at Jack in the Box

This picture was a couple of hours ago, Monday, December 9, 2013.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Some people want to make me sad or stop writing about fast food. I'm not stopping. To those who don't like fast food, you stop acting like jerks. 

Fight Back by Don't Give Up

I notice some people want to make other people sad, depressed, and they hope some will give up. Don't give up on yourself, even when you see and hear all the trash-talking, anger, meanness on the internet and in real life.

You're a good person and I believe in you.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ai Shinozaki  song "Play for Free"
     (near the)                                  
1. End of song -- great                    
2. Can hold a note -- great          
3. interesting.

    I didn't feel whoever
    uploaded the song did
    it right.

-- The song itself has
    too many
   "play for free"(s) in it
    but that's what the
    song is about: a commercial.
1. Most consistently great
    for the whole song.
2. I think his final singing
    in song/notes also great.

Monday, December 02, 2013

My Notes on Singing by Ai Shinozaki and Ne-Yo

I'm going to show some of my notes (the exact words on the paper) that I wrote down one of the days before I made my decision that Ai Shinozaki was the Best Pop Singer of the First Half of 2012.

This was a very difficult decision and the last week or two was mainly between Ai Shinozaki and Ne-Yo. They were going to tie, but I promised there wouldn't be a tie and there wasn't by the time I finished comparing their singing/vocals.