Thursday, January 16, 2014

I really shouldn't... S l o w y o u d o w n

Hmmm... I didn't find my notes yet. I have stacks of papers, mostly my notes about fast food, notes with some thoughts about songs or circling song titles and recording artists or bands so I can go back and listen again, then also my own lyrics and song titles. I need to get organized. It's funnier to be this way though. I don't know, well yeah, it's not very efficient or fast. I'm taking a break for a few hours to celebrate one of my songs released more than two years (I accidentally typed tears, then corrected it to years) ago. Is that one of those slips? It's almost like an anniversary. I'm not sure if that compares to barital mliss. I reversed those letters on those two words. I'm sure I can find a song in that somewhere, to just plain confuse a bunch of people who took too much math but not morals 101. I mean the ones who watch humans. Aliens? Everyone can read my blog because I'm great and all, but respect and God are both important. Where will you go after this? I think I'm going out for fast food after this, or sometime soon. Hope everyone is confused because that makes you think.