Saturday, February 01, 2014

From my 2013 notes on Wendy's fries

Ok, I found the notes from last year about Wendy's fries. I ordered the Large NATURAL-CUT FRIES w/Sea Salt. I could see the fries were a beautiful golden to light-brown color. I wrote the word great with exclamation mark and underlined: great! 

I went back through the drive thru to the pick up window and bought the 6 pc. chicken nuggets. Also, great flavor and golden color, the nuggets were delicious with Barbecue Sauce. I have photo of those too, but it doesn't show how delicious they are and also in reading my notes I see that in the nuggets serving container was on it's side in the Wendy's bag and a few fell out so I had to put nuggets back in the serving container. In other words, it's not the way it usually looks.