Wednesday, May 07, 2014

some Me, some about my Music, some Fast Food

There are some new fast foods. I was over at Burger King to get the iced coffee, I did see some chicken strips that I want to eat. My goal though and money in my wallet was to buy some herbs at the store and also buy a toy for Dolly, because a visiting dog chewed up her little stuffed animal toy. I felt very sad about it. So far, I didn't find a good toy.

The iced coffee was good, but now the iced coffees don't seem as strong in coffee flavor as they used to be. I notice a lot of iced coffees of the major fast-food restaurants are kind of weak and very light shade with maybe too much cream, creamer, or whatever they are using. It still tastes very good sometimes but not the way they used to be.

People want an update on me? I don't know. Just for the fun of it, I wanted to do a vocal cover of a song. But I don't like it when someone else tries to take the place of a singer in a band. I don't want anyone to think I would ever want to do that. I'm not much into covers or remakes of songs, however some (not many) will make my rock and pop songs lists on occasion. Of course that's separate from my own music and I do my best to be fair and objective, but am I perfect? no because nobody is. What my thing is that I like to look up to some of the great rock stars and pop stars and I appreciate them and admire what they did. But covers can be fun, I suppose, though not necessarily my thing.

I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing... I play guitar now for four years every day except if I'm so sick I can't sit up or if the guitar is getting a new string or something. Then I catch up immediately. I just play an hour or more a day but am consistent and keep thinking about notes and chords and just the stuff that is my style, etc. Maybe someone knows about 'fin' and 'NW' from my songs but those are just part of song titles and it's like, let me see what I can do with five strings on this guitar. Is NW North-West or No Water and what is the fin? Okay, that should be for extra credit. lol All my stuff (songs) so far is acoustic or singing and I have some genre/sub-genre words or terms I use to describe it but I think it's obvious I like strange sounds and stuff that is essentially me aiming for maximum alternative acoustic guitar, etc. my way is to Have Fun, don't let the world make me feel like I can't be who I am. I don't know... well, i do try for something and hopefully more.

Anything else? Yeah lots. I want to go back to writing about Fast Food most of the time, but also I don't want to stop reviewing rock and pop songs and making those lists. Also, I have songs of my own come into my mind and lyrics and stuff constantly and so there's almost way too much. I don't want to say what I'm going to do because I don't know.