Sunday, February 01, 2015

fun of fast food doesn't need philosophy

Everyone wants to win? I can't say I'm driven by trying to win but certainly a lot of people are, and that's up to them.

Is money all that people care about these days? Being a modern-day amateur philosopher (though I'm not sure which ones are professional) is not any fun.

Oh, I figured it out, fun is what I'm interested in. There's not much fun in fast food lately. I'm not sure what my definition of 'lately' is but I suppose I mean the last few years, and I mean most of this decade.

I want going-out-for fast food to be fun like it used to be. Most of the time when I say (or write) I'm having fun, it's because I'm a big part of making my own fun. However... hmm or better yet how about Ha Ha However I'd like fast-food chains, brands, restaurants make me have fun, be happy, and feel good.

The old-fashioned marketing concepts aren't such a bad idea, or at least blended together with what all the modern marketing geniuses think will work. I'm kind of sad about what I see -- or rather what I don't see on the internet from the big fast-food companies. I did like some of the fast food commercials and a few of them appeared here.

Here, this blog is the definition of here. But I'll use HERE a lot in different ways. Yeah, I needed to point that out.

I know I'm going to mess up this philosopher gig... oh yeah right, it's only me writing but that's pretty good too. or bad, depending on whether I'm sad that half of the shake is gone or satisfied with the half I already drank, or ate, but I have a lot of plastic spoons from somewhere since they gave me one many times before... so what was I saying (writing) that I can't be a philosopher or at least not a famous one, but HERE I'm a little bit like a fast food philosopher, and I didn't hyphenate because I don't want to. I also wanted to end that last sentence and this one with to. But I'm off the point.

Fun is not having sex only, however, you know, a lot of girls I communicated with onlien (misspelled on purpose) seem to think that's what people mean by fun. The love story of the snowballs ended rather tragically (but was private), and well they would have melted anyway, but that did help me handle in my own mind the troubling hex some witches of world were trying to put on me regarding my happiness about the word 'fun'. I love fun.

Fun to me means going out for fast food (of course that's not all), but I had fun when it seemed happy and made us laugh. Some of the feminists verbally attacked the fast-food commercials that were sexy and I think most were meant to be funny and fun, but not harmful to anyone. The feminist type of 'serious' is ruining the world, but so are actual abusive types of people, terrorists, etc. We have to stand up to (against) that kind of behavior and stop it. But the fun in fast food makes us feel good when otherwise in society, often, there's not much to feel good or happy about.

I hope SPRING comes to the fast food business with a lot of FUN in the new foods on the menu and FUN and happy promotion of those foods and beverages. That would be great! Spring is a new beginning...

I like to be positive more than negative, so I'm not much of a philosopher.

  but i am... probably,,,thinking...wanting to be eating...and having fun!