Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Been better nights for iced coffee and girls

Tonight is over. oh boy, not too good. I'm going to having some hot coffee even though it's like 10:30 p.m. and now a quarter to Eleven. I had three iced coffees in Nampa earlier and I didn't like any of them. McDonald's, Del Taco, and then Jack in the Box. Pre-Christmas shopping days are some of the worst in fast food iced coffee history, in my opinion.

and Girls? Yeah, there were a few but just scenery. Oh yeah, when I was sorta pretending to look at the Old Spice gift sets in Target, I was, you know, sorta scoping out a pretty girl, but either she had kids or she was the best looking babysitter of all time. Yeah, I hope she's not reading this and going,

is that that guy? I pretended not to look at him and he pretended not to look at me, like five or six times in different parts of the store. That was fun!

Okay, she probably won't think that but it would be funny!

Yeah, you look really really good in your jeans, too.