Wednesday, January 13, 2016

For all people, adults and children, basic rights

Everyone should be allowed to choose their friends and have contact with their friends and any person who can help them. To those who are trying to harm someone or not meet their needs: You're not allowed to deprive someone of contact with the outside world including their friends, those who care about them.

To the people who want to contact someone, you have the right to contact someone and get help or have friends outside of where you live and who you live with or who is with you:   those people may be threatening or abusive individuals, or your basic needs important needs are not being satisfied.

People have the right to call out for help which includes calling out for friendship or someone who can listen to their problems or just a friend or someone who cares about them. Never give up because there is always some out there who will listen to you and care about you.

I believe in rights and freedoms for all people.