Monday, March 28, 2016

Ima: I want Fun

Me: Ima, we need to think about our trip to Where-Every. I don't like long trips and I hope this won't make me tired.

Ima: You'll be busy, because I'll let you feel my mind.

Me: (to myself, huh?wow!ooh! she likes me, oh yeah she's my character I created, or did I? hmm...this might be good! Feel?! Yeah!) Thanks Ima...

Ima: (Wow! He likes me! Now I'll finesse him with my superhero-princess charm!) Yeah, we're going to have lonnnggg conversations. You're going right?

Me: I thought this was just for fun.

Ima: It will be.

Ima: Only I don't believe in a Waffle Planet.

Me: Oh Ok I agree with you, just so we eat something.

Ima: Fun? It will be. I mean we will eat the best foods I can find, when we're not busy having fun.

Note: This was the Saturday, March 12, 2016 Draft