Monday, March 28, 2016

Maybe not for Everyone

I was trying to make this blog for everyone, then we got too sci-fi space happy (haha) and started thinking about sweet and sticky waffles. And thinking always leads to more thinking and sometimes it's like the after-midnight talk, but I like breakfast foods at that time or in the morning and if I don't have breakfast I might talk (or write) about it, and mix that in with everything else. But some of that everything else is not for everyone, and it could be mainly for adults or older teenagers. I don't discriminate against anyone, I like everybody as people, just if you're young enough to think you have to ask your parents before you read this blog, then you probably do. 

Now, Ima and Me (I mean Ima and I) are going to time travel back to March 12 to a Draft that wasn't published.  It was about Fun but there are many definitions of fun.