Wednesday, March 16, 2016

note: sticky

Ima: i wanted to talk about hot and sticky. that's no problem with me, so sure i feel like a waffle planet is worth looking for

Scott: speaking of hot and sticky, do you mind if i bring the link to Kate Upton on YouTube and then if aliens bother us, we'll show them this and let them get hot and bothered.

Ima: i don't know if they are able to get excited like we do.

Scott: we?

Ima: humans. lol

Scott: humans? lol?

Ima: well, that guy in that 2016 Taco Bell commercial once said maybe we are not really humans, but instead we are aliens.

Scott: we? lol

Ima: we? lol

Scott: some of us are characters

Ima: ok i did talk to уовгитьчамыща and she said you wanted to think more about characters. She said we need to decide whether you are a good one or not.

Scott: me?

Ima: i think so, because you told her you touched a pretty girl and turned her into a Barbie doll. And...

Scott: as i recall, i told her i saw a pretty girl and i was turned on because she looked like a Barbie doll. 

Ima: turned on? like a robot?

Scott: no, but i know you just said that about the robot because someone is reading this blog and they got some ideas here.

Ima: yes, of course i did. i'm a genius, and you're hot and sticky because you were watching the Kate Upton video and of course you're thinking about walking around on a Waffle Planet, and trying to eat somebody's planet which is too hot because it looks too close to that system's star.

Scott: you're right but i would choose you over the waffle planet and Kate Upton any day.

Ima: really?

Scott: yeah

Ima: yeah! this trip is gonna be fun!