Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ima: This is from our mail of thoughts.

Scott: Oh yeah, that's interesting. Wait a minute, what is that? Is that something you and Yavki are doing.

Уовгитьчамыща: Yavki? That sounds pretty the way you say it, Scott, but remember I'm gonna protect you.

Ima: I say Yavki in a nice voice too.

Уовгитьчамыща: Yes you do, Ima. You and Scott are fun to be with.

Scott: I feel up, up and can't wait for us get out of here way, way away.

Уовгитьчамыща: Yes, and that is what the thoughts are asking. When are you going to leave? Look down, guys.

Scott: thoughts? asking? Hmmm...down? We're moving!! 

Уовгитьчамыща: You're happy with Yavki, right?

Ima: I'm a girl, I mean I'M A LADY. LOL 

Уовгитьчамыща: LOL Ima

Ima: but you realize I'm a strong lady that aliens wouldn't want to fight with on a distant planet, or even here.

Уовгитьчамыща: You're one of us guys and also you and I are the girliest girls in the universe when we're around Scott, except for when we are kicking alien a** and being serious to get us to Where-Every and protect love and fast food. I threw that in to get some attention from a few of our hungry thought senders.

Scott: Mail of thoughts? Thought senders? And how come I don't see the ground?

Уовгитьчамыща: That's because we didn't lift off?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Уовгитьчамыща: I wanna hang out in Anything with Ima and Scott 

Ima: cool

Scott: very

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ima: oh Scott, she's here now. The three of us are gonna have some fun!

Scott: yes we are! I'll be back in few minutes.

Уовгитьчамыща: Mmmm!!

Ima: and also I wanna hear your purr, Yavki

Уовгитьчамыща: puhrrrr puhrrrr  hehe

Ima: What are we gonna do to Scott?

Уовгитьчамыща: to or with?

Ima: ok with Scott

Уовгитьчамыща: Anything, just so it's fun!

Ima: in Anything?

Уовгитьчамыща: yeah, do anything with Scott in Anything

Ima: I'm looking backward to it

Уовгитьчамыща: forward?

Ima: no, backward because we're going to the 1990s right?

Уовгитьчамыща: maybe

Ima: you sound bored. have you already been there?

Уовгитьчамыща: No. Yeah, when we were all talking last night about who's going to do what during our trip to the far-away world Where-Every, Scott asked you if you thought the Taco Bell Dog could cook or does he just eat.

Ima: I think he likes to talk.

Уовгитьчамыща: Yeah, I'm tired of talk and I want to have some fun!

Ima: Yeah it will be fun to have some fun!

Уовгитьчамыща: I like your logic.

Ima: So then, we're both thinking about Scott

Уовгитьчамыща: and Anything 

Ima: anything in Anything


Friday, May 13, 2016

Scott: What I meant was you know what I'm thinking and I know what you're thinking.

Ima: You wanted to go see Dolly and Wander and

Scott: and?

Ima: and have me ask Уовгитьчамыща if she took our space and time travel ship Anything back to the '90s to see if the Taco Bell Dog is coming with us.

Scott: Yes

Ima: How come the Text color and Background text color changed and words in Italic from Anything  

Scott: Anything is How

Ima: Уовгитьчамыща told me she didn't.

Scott: When did you ask her?

Ima: When we were talking before and I knew what you were thinking, I asked her.

Scott: I thought you didn't know what I was thinking.

Ima: I thought you were going to keep talking, that's what I said.

Scott: You knew what I was thinking?

Ima: I did.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ima: I thought you were going to keep talking

Scott: I did

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Scott: Hi

Ima: Hi

Scott: ?you are How .Hi

Ima: What?

Scott: It's like our theme song. I just reversed Hi. How are you?

Ima: уовгитьчамыща wants to talk to you about something. 

Scott: about milkshakes?

Ima: yes but also what's that fast-moving object in that Taco Bell commercial?

Scott: I don't know. I think it's like caused by the upload or so much action in the commercial or something. And it's from the 1990's so you know, like Grunge and stuff.  

Ima: lol yeah, I love action movies.

Scott: Really?

Ima: Yeah, but Science Fiction is the best!

Scott: I remember back in the '90s sitting in the theater always hoping every movie would turn into some strange sci-fi ending.

уовгитьчамыща: I'm not back!

Ima: LOL

уовгитьчамыща: yes, of course I'm making fun of I'm back!

Scott: I'm not here.

Ima: I miss you. Where are you?

Scott: LOL I'm here.

Ima: good

уовгитьчамыща: I'm here too.

Ima: I love you.

уовгитьчамыща: I love you too. Are we back in the '90s?

Scott: no, but that would be cool.

Ima: how would anyone know?

уовгитьчамыща: know what?

Ima: If we were traveling in Anything to the '90s.

уовгитьчамыща: Isn't it for space travel?

Ima: yes, but we wanted to see if we could time travel in it.

Ima: I want to meet the Taco Bell Dog.


Sunday, May 01, 2016

Ima: Hi