Friday, May 13, 2016

Scott: What I meant was you know what I'm thinking and I know what you're thinking.

Ima: You wanted to go see Dolly and Wander and

Scott: and?

Ima: and have me ask Уовгитьчамыща if she took our space and time travel ship Anything back to the '90s to see if the Taco Bell Dog is coming with us.

Scott: Yes

Ima: How come the Text color and Background text color changed and words in Italic from Anything  

Scott: Anything is How

Ima: Уовгитьчамыща told me she didn't.

Scott: When did you ask her?

Ima: When we were talking before and I knew what you were thinking, I asked her.

Scott: I thought you didn't know what I was thinking.

Ima: I thought you were going to keep talking, that's what I said.

Scott: You knew what I was thinking?

Ima: I did.