Sunday, June 05, 2016

Iced Coffee - Spring 2016

Of the Iced Coffees I had, Taco Bell was the best for Spring 2016 but I did it for two months, April and May. However, I also decided to do this for the month of April by itself and Carl's Jr. had the best Iced Coffee for that month. 

How sweet was the Iced Coffee at Taco Bell? It depended on how many sugars. The one time it had 6 and 6, and that meant six sugar and six of the creamer. That was the best Iced Coffee, but it was also good another time with 3 and 3.

I wasn't able to get to all the fast food restaurants I wanted to. Jack in the Box and McDonald's were included, but I felt that they fell out of the competition in April.