Sunday, October 02, 2016

Scott: Ima

Ima: Uh huh

Scott: Why are the other girls gone so long?

Ima: They said it was a long line to get fast food!

Scott: It's been like a month.

Ima: For us it's been a month.

Scott: And for them?

Ima: Уовгитьчамыща just sent me a message. Ok it's been a day or about like that.

Scott: You're kidding. What, do they have Jodie Foster with them?

Ima: Nice one, Scott. but they're not traveling like that, they're way past the wormhole technology.

Scott: So they'll be back when?

Ima: She said tomorrow, which could be  two more of our weeks.

Scott: Where's Хлеба?

 Хлеба: Hi Scott! I'm here.

Scott: What's that?

 Хлеба: Well, Scott, it's a

Ima: Scott, can I say Stay Tuned and To Be Continued...

Scott: Yeah

Ima: Stay Tuned and To Be Continued...