Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Ima: Where are they? I thought they were coming back.

Scott: Yeah, me too.

Уовгитьчамыща: I'm going to start... (taking off clothes with a bikini underneath) Oh this is better.

The Cool Shadow: Hey, I brought the shake maker.

Scott: That's great, Cool.

Ima: Yavki, you're blessed.

Scott: Did you mean her bikini is the best you've seen?

Ima: The game's not over until I... (taking off her clothes to show her bikini) So, take that Yavki. haha

Scott: Okay, I know what you mean, you're both blessed, Ima, you and Yavki. Wow!

Ima: Yeah, blessed and best!!

Уовгитьчамыща: Are we tied at number 1 in the bikini and beautiful body competition?

Ima: We're not competing, but Yes.

Ima: Now help me untie my bikini top.

Scott: Nooo! 

Anything: Yesss!

Ima: I didn't know Anything could talk.

Scott: Only when it's turned on.

Уовгитьчамыща: Lol Scott.

Уовгитьчамыща: Let's go over to the beach, guys.

Ima: I'm not a guy, but Scott is and I want to find out what he's not wearing under his clothes.

Scott: Oops that should have been censored by beach no-fun censorship committee.

Ima: Is there really such a committee?

Scott: No, I hope not.

Уовгитьчамыща: C'mon let's go to the beach.

Ima: Yeah, I'm excited.  Kzahmuh and Хлеба are gonna miss all the fun, but whatever.

Уовгитьчамыща: Maybe they're doing something important, or maybe not. Okay, let's go.