Friday, January 20, 2017

Хлеба: Kzahmuh, don't you think it's time we go back, they're waiting for us at the beach.

Kzahmuh: Yeah, we need to look at this problem some more and decide whether or not we're needed to go down there to protect Wonder Woman, umm or Yavkitchamitcha. And then we'll go into action.

Хлеба: Yes, I'm into kicking some action.

Kzahmuh: Did you mean ass? 

Хлеба: I'm not sure, but yeah!

Kzahmuh: Hey, what's that thing you're looking at?

Хлеба: It's nothing.

Kzahmuh: It's something, and hey, what does that say?

Хлеба: Don't worry, it's just a thoughts, dreams, and concerns sharing path. S-path!

Kzahmuh: Why does it say Wonder Woman Takes Over?

Хлеба: I don't know. I think we better get back to the beach now. 

Kzahmuh: Okay, but I want to know more about that. What is it and why does it think she is going to take over and take over what?

Хлеба: One of us or someone is thinking that Wonder Woman is gonna take over, and it's not me.

Kzahmuh: Yes it is. You're worried Scott will love Wonder Woman instead of you.

Хлеба: Yes, well I'm jealous and so are you.

Kzahmuh: Yes, that's right, I am.

Хлеба: All the more reason to get back to the beach right now.