Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Уовгитьчамыщаawaahh what's that noise?

Уовгитьчамыщаoh hi. I fell asleep.

Уовгитьчамыщa: me too. where did everyone else go?

Ima: hi Yavkis.

Уовгитьчамыща: I prefer Yavkitchamitcha.

Ima: okay

Уовгитьчамыща: What happened to Scott?

Ima: I don't know, Yavkitchamitcha, but we were going to

Уовгитьчамыща: I like Yavki. well, sometimes.

Ima: argh grrr....

Ima: Oh okay you're just waking up and hopefully this is going to get back to a happy day on the beach.

Уовгитьчамыща and Уовгитьчамыща  (speaking at the same time): What was that you said, Ima?

Ima: Oh nothing, don't worry about it.

Ima: Oh Scott, you're back, I'm so glad.

Scott: I just wanted to see what there was to eat and

Ima: Okay, I'll go and check on the two busy superheroes.

Уовгитьчамыща: I will go with you, Ima.

Scott: No, Хлеба said you better stay here for now.

Уовгитьчамыща: Why?

Scott: I don't know.

Ima: C'mon Yavki.

Уовгитьчамыща: okay Ee.

Ima: I prefer Ima. Let's go!