Monday, April 03, 2017

Ima: the Yavkitchamitchas are cute sleeping together on the beach.

Scott: well, they're tired, it's not like you meet you every day.

Ima: we have plenty of time to

Scott: I know what you're thinking and

Ima: You want to?

Scott: okay, but where are Kzahmuh and Хлеба?

Ima: in the other room, I guess.

Scott: why?

Scott: I thought they were enjoying being here with us on the beach.

Ima: yeah, they do but

whap! smash! thwiir, zhimak...
and other loud, scary noises coming from the other room.

Ima: What were all those noises, I didn't recognize some of them.

Scott: the noises?

Ima: Yeah, I'm scared!

Anything: You're a superhero, Ima!

Ima: What's going on, Anything?

Anything: I don't know, but can Scott hear me talking with you?

Ima: I don't know, but maybe I should see what is going on in the other room.

Anything: maybe