Wednesday, May 17, 2017

хуубщжа г яхёа

Хлеба: Scott, hey Scott...

Scott: Хлеба, we've been waiting for you and Kzahmuh. 

Хлеба: Yeah I know, we're sorry but we're working on a project.

Scott: Okay, but can you come back in here now. They're wondering what's going on and I'm getting hungry.

Хлеба: Do you want me to feed you grapes?

Scott: LOL OK, sure and then Ima will really be upset.

Хлеба: Yeah, that sounds funny.

Scott: I want to introduce you to someone.

Хлеба: Sure, but I wanted to ask if I could go home for a few days before we leave.

Scott: Ask Уовгитьчамыща because she's

Хлеба: going to marry you?

Scott: No. She's making the decisions about our crew.

Хлеба: OK that's fine. Who is she?

Scott: This is травайа.

Хлеба: Hi. My name is Khleba.

травайа: Nice to meet you, Khleba. I'm Travaia.

Хлеба: Are you going with us to Where-Every, Travaia. It's the Love Planet.

Travaia: I don't know. If you want me to go.

Хлеба: We already have a big crew and 

Scott: Хлеба, she's nice and friendly, and

Хлеба: I got it, Scott. You like her.

Scott: You're all going to like her. 

Хлеба: Scott?

Scott: What Хлеба?

Хлеба: Can we go somewhere and get some pie? Do you believe in пайамоноем ?

Scott: Huh? How do you know about пайамоноем ?

Хлеба: I was dreaming about it and I thought maybe someone else knew about it, maybe you know.

Scott: That's interesting you say this because I was thinking about it. Do you think Ima is doing something to cause us to think the same thing?

Хлеба: I don't think so, Scott. (Хлеба looking a bit nervous, hoping Scott won't find out why they are thinking about a planet with...)

Scott: Well, I thought she was...  I am wondering if there is a planet with

Хлеба: Lots and Lots of pies.

Scott: Yes. I know you love pie.

Хлеба: I really do.

Scott: If you're going home, how long will you be gone?

Хлеба: Not long.

Scott: I'll miss you. We'll all miss you.

Хлеба: Really?

Scott: Yeah! 

Хлеба: Do you want a hug?

Scott: OK.

Хлеба: Oh wow!

Scott: Thanks. I like hugs.

Хлеба: Me too.

Scott: Where do you live?

Kzahmuh: I'll take care of her.

Scott: Are you going too, Kzahmuh?

Kzahmuh: Yeah, but she didn't tell me where she's from?

Хлеба: I'm from right here (pointing to the map)...

Kzahmuh: I don't see anything there.

Хлеба: OK I'll explain.

Kzahmuh: What's this area?

Хлеба: I live near Crimea?

Kzahmuh: You live there?

Хлеба: near Crimea?

Kzahmuh: which direction?

Хлеба: around there?

Scott: I was thinking this, what does it say?

Хлеба: what?

Scott: хуубщжа г яхёа

Хлеба: It's like, um, around Yakhoya.

Scott: It's not on this map.

Kzahmuh: Yeah, Хлеба, where is it?

Хлеба: Right there!

Kzahmuh: Where? You're pointing up above Crimea.

Хлеба: Yeah.

Kzahmuh: Really?

Хлеба: Yes.