Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Cool Shadow: I love us too.

Ima: Hi Cool.

The Cool Shadow: Hi Ima.

Ima: What are you doing?

The Cool Shadow: I have been developing new shakes, and I want some of Scott's new Sci-Fi waffle for space travel to help us stay relaxed and calm. 

Ima: really? Hey Scott, I want a piece of your waffle!

Уовгитьчамыща: New way to say something else, Ima?

Ima: Yeah! hehehe

Уовгитьчамыща: You do know we are

Ima: superheroes? 

Уовгитьчамыща: Yes.

The Cool Shadow: Am I a superhero, Ima?

Ima: Ask Scott.

The Cool Shadow: Oh okay, yeah, he said to experiment a bit with shakes and fries...  Should I mix them?

Ima: umm no, I'd have to say no to that.

Уовгитьчамыща: Me too, but where did Scott (and this universe's Уовгитьчамыща) go to and why aren't we enjoying this beach some more before we leave?

The Cool Shadow: I heard Wonder

Ima: no, you didn't

The Cool Shadow: Woman was going to be involved with

Уовгитьчамыща: with Scott?

The Cool Shadow: No. but something is going to happen.

Ima: You were having a nightmare, Cool.

The Cool Shadow: Maybe, but it seemed real to me.

Ima: No it didn't.

Уовгитьчамыща: Are you sure, Ima? 

Ima: Yes, I am sure.

The Cool Shadow: You know, um, anything can happen!

Anything: Can you hear me? It's Anything, I already did happen, and I'm going to keep happening, and

Ima: Anything, they can't hear you, but I'm not sure about that. Guys, did you hear something?

The Cool Shadow: Hear what?

Уовгитьчамыща: No, Ima, I didn't hear anything.

Ima: ok, good. no, they can't hear you.

Уовгитьчамыща: Who are you talking to, Ima?

Ima: nobody. well, I mean, um if I was talking to somebody they wouldn't have to ask me something right now?

Уовгитьчамыща: Why not?

Ima: Don't worry and let's enjoy this beach. It's just like our own in our universe.

Anything: Who owns the universe, Ima?

Ima: Not now.

The Cool Shadow: Why not? Don't you want my newest shake?

Ima: Yeah sure, Cool.

Anything: Why does Уовгитьчамыща say my name as whatever. I don't like it.

Ima: What? Oh I'm sorry, she's different than our Уовгитьчамыща.

Уовгитьчамыща: What are you talking about, Ima?

Ima: Oh, I was just thinking how much I ... well, I'm happy we're friends, and we're two unstoppable

Уовгитьчамыща: superheroes?

Ima: exactly!