Monday, June 12, 2017

Scott: Are they on the ground?

Kzahmuh: They?

Scott: the Boletes

Kzahmuh: Yes. I think so, but...

Scott: but what?

Kzahmuh: there's a problem with the past.

Scott: in the past?

Kzahmuh: no, I can't say for sure, but someone could be erasing the past or history...

Scott: How do you know that?

Хлеба: Kzahmuh, did you tell Scott about Wonder Woman and Yavkitchamitcha?

Scott: What do I need to know, Хлеба?

Kzahmuh: Oh, Scott and I are talking about a problem with the past.

Хлеба: Yes, look at this, Scott.

Scott: What is it?

Kzahmuh: It's like a map.

Scott: a map of?

Kzahmuh: the past and both of our universes...

Scott: why?

Хлеба: Kzahmuh says Wonder Woman or Уовгитьчамыща could be in danger in the past.

Scott: What makes you think that?

Kzahmuh: Our arch enemy, and one of this galaxy's most-feared villains I've found has achieved the ability to time travel, and if my theory is correct he's, umm they have taken Wonder Woman there before she's reached her potential of her powers, for some sort of a test...

Scott: This could explain the bad dreams and the reason we've been worried. Ima has been having nightmares, and...

Ima: Did you call me, Scott?

Scott: Sure, I miss you. What were you doing?

Ima: Travaia and I are hanging out together on the beach. 

Scott: Where is Уовгитьчамыща? And of course, Уовгитьчамыща.

Ima: They went out to get us more food.

Scott: Well, that's good... I don't think we're going to decide what to do today, Kzahmuh.

Kzahmuh: That's okay, but we'll keep trying to find out more but so far I don't see the bad guy we're looking for in the past.

Scott: I wish all bad guys would stay in the past, but not go there and cause problems.

Kzahmuh: Yeah, that's true.

Scott: Hey, what's (pointing at the screen) this!

Kzahmuh: It looks like some sort of flying objects. UFOs?!

Scott: Boletes?

Kzahmuh: Maybe!