Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ima: Scott, what are you doing?

Scott: Oh we're wondering what you were doing? We were talking about having a Pie Day and a Candy Day.

Ima: Wow! Those will be fun days!

Scott: Yeah, they will but we wanted to know what you think.

Ima: Sure, I love that, but I have to tell you something...

Scott: What?

Ima: Anything wants to

Хлеба: Hi guys!

Ima: Hi Хлеба
Come a little closer, we can't hear you.

Scott: What were you saying, Ima?

Ima: Anything wants to go out.

Хлеба: What? How do you... Where?

Ima: to town. Anything is bored and wants to go out and do something.

Хлеба: Being a spaceship isn't enough?
I'm sorry, Anything is a space and time travel ship

Ima: Yes. but I understand

Хлеба: Understand what? How would you know what Anything wants?

Ima: and needs. 

Scott: Hey, where did Kzahmuh go?

Хлеба: She had to go back to The Other Room to get something?

Ima: Do you mean Something or something?

Хлеба: Actually, it's Something Else.

Ima: Something Else?

Хлеба: Yeah, as in, Is that a phone? No, it's something else... or capitalized as Something Else.

Ima: ok, I see.

Meanwhile in The Other Room.


Kzahmuh: What's that loud noise?!!

Kzahmuh: Is that Something Else? Oh, hmm I'm talking to myself. Whatever.

Kzahmuh: (talking in almost a whispering voice) The lights flashing green, and that means GO!!!

Kzahmuh: Ok I guess I should push right Here! No, that's not it. I wonder if Уовгитьчамыща will answer if I call?


Kzahmuh: There's that loud noise again. Hmm...


Kzahmuh: What was that sound? I can almost taste that noise and it's a bright blue but smells just like...

Ima: Who are you? Where is our captain?

Kzahmuh: What are you talking about, Ima? We don't have a captain. And why did you ask "Who are you?"

Ima: Because I've never seen you before... are you transgender?

Kzahmuh: What? You know that I am a transgender girl because I told you before, Ima.

Ima: I've never met you before... wait a minute, you're Kzahmuh, like the Kzahmuh we've been looking for in the other universe...
Where's our captain?

Kzahmuh: I don't know what you mean.

Ima: Уовгитьчамыща
Where is she?
She told us to meet her here.