Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Meirohma: Уовгитьчамыща, I'm happy we're working together. This is an amazing...

Uladocha: What's this?

Meirohma: I don't know, Уовгитьчамыща.

Uladocha: Please, call me Uladocha.

Meirohma: I don't know, Uladocha. It could be um, song titles?

Uladocha: this seems to be from 2016?

Meirohma: has this been entered, is it a document or are we viewing a transmission or what was going on at that time?

Uladocha: And that is a very good question. and I want to know where this took place and if it's important for us and our mission.

Meirohma: Ok let me look on this side... no, I don't see anything on this page or screen...

Uladocha: Oh wait, here it is: is this on Earth? Anything
Have you ever heard of this place?

Meirohma: Yeah, it says Scott McLean

Uladocha: I can see it:  

Scott McLean
Nonexistent Reality
Boletus Transportus

Meirohma: oh, look down a bit haha do you think they've been watching us, too? It says something about Wonder Woman...

Uladocha: Takes Over?

Meirohma: ha ha ha this time viewer is funny!

Uladocha: yeah, haha I'm getting hungry...