Friday, September 01, 2017

Travaia: Wake up, Scott.

Scott: What's going on? Are we moving?

Travaia: Yeah! 
Do you like how I look with my new makeup? You can invite me out on a date now!

Scott: Yeah? we're going somewhere?

Travaia: A nice romantic, candlelight dinner for two?

Scott: I meant Anything... Are we in the air?

Travaia: Sort of, you didn't ask me out yet.

Ima: Travaia, I knew you'd be trying to get Scott away from me.

Travaia: Not forever, just right now. He's fun! When he's not asleep on the bedroom beach in Anything.

Scott: Is Anything taking us somewhere?

Ima: Yeah, Anything said it wanted to go out for some fun.

Scott: This Anything said that to you, Ima?

Travaia: Where are we going?

Ima: We couldn't decide but the way both Anythings make decisions in space involve multiple simultaneous comparisons, we also have some ways to deal with any kinds of problems... well, we thought about going out for waffles, and then candy and pies, also shakes and fries...

Travaia: pies? oh, that's fun! Am I your little pie, Scott?

Scott: What?

Хлеба: ow oog ikh

Scott: Hi Хлеба. What?

Хлеба: Oh nothing. but yes, I hope we can go out for pie.