Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year!!!

It's New Year's Eve (morning) as I write this entry! Perhaps you are reading this entry on New Year's Day. Or maybe it's the next day or week. In that case, have a happy, healthy, successful and caring 2009!

Today, like some other days only more so, I'm going to eat a yummy food and then I'll eat another yummy food, and then... well, I don't know... Rampai, what should I do next?

Rampai, I really appreciate you as my friend. The meal you ate last week looked so delicious, especially the ice cream. I have a lot of fun when I read Rampai's excellent blog. Rampai's dog, Teta, is so cute and really likes to show off for the camera. haha

Today would be a good day for me to go to the store and buy some tea, food, etc. Hmm... let me think, what kind of tea should I buy? I remember now... Okky wrote a great article about Rooibos tea!

Okky is a friend of mine through blogging, because we know each other through reading each other's blogs part of this year. He's a nice guy! I am really thankful for his kindness to me. Okky's outstanding blog helps people feel happy and enjoy their time online much more.

Thank you for being my friends, Rampai and Okky!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to you!
I hope you have a great day!
Happy Holidays!!!

After-Midnight Christmas Party

Just look at this plate full of tempting

In a previous post, I featured some of my favorite foods to snack on, eat for dessert or breakfast. Here is a portion of those candy bars, little cakes, cookies, brownie, and Philippine dried mangoes.... all looking so delicious! I treated Mom and Dad to this holiday dessert party. They had just gotten out of a Christmas Eve church service and I woke up about an hour earlier, because I went to sleep shortly after dinner.

After I cut the sweets and divided them equally, we ate what we could (saving some for later) and we drank coffee too. I had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Sheet of ice

I did some late night Christmas shopping on Tuesday and returned from the store around midnight. The big patch of ice on this street looks like shiny glass. It could be dangerous if drivers don't slow down. Please be careful when driving this winter especially if you have ice and snow on the roads in your area. Take care!
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter is cold

I took this photo of the icicles early on Monday. About the same time this morning, I went outside to see if they were still there and they looked just as beautiful as the day before. So I snapped a few more photos.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

December morning

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Snow and more snow

This photo is a little blue, and that also describes my feelings. It was morning and the sun wasn't high enough to provide much light. Dolly ran my direction at just the right moment to get her picture taken. I like action photos!

Sunday morning, the ground outside was covered with snow. But that's nothing compared to what the ground looked like by the end of the day. I was told we got a certain number of inches of snow but I don't know for sure the exact amount. Let's just say, umm... way too much to get out of the driveway and drive safely around town to go Christmas shopping.

Lucky for me, I went to a couple of grocery stores and bought some yummy goodies on Saturday night. Just look at the photo below. When I came out of one store, there were snowflakes floating down onto the parking lot and vehicles. I did snap a couple of photos but they weren't all that impressive. The little bit of snow didn't stop me from going to a convenience store at a local gas station for more foods I probably shouldn't eat... Oh yes I should. It's almost Christmas! I'm going to have some fun!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Starting the holiday fun now

These are some of my favorite treats especially
in recent years. On Saturday night, I bought all that's in the photo. I could call it snack food or dessert, but I have also eaten some of these sweets for breakfast. Not the whole breakfast, but part of it. The appetizer part.

I'm ready to get the holiday fun started right away. Anyone want to join me? If you were here, of course I would share, and also
ask you: Where are you gonna buy the ice cream for us to eat?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I took this picture tonight using the webcam.
Yeah, it's me! The "cute guy" pic in a previous
post... yup! that was me too.... Always make sure
to tell yourself something you like about yourself
because it's wonderful to be who you are and who
God made you. Take care!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow photo

No matter which way I turned
the photo, I didn't see the word: FOOD!
But that doesn't mean anything.
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Monday, December 08, 2008

Recent pic

Cute guy on a cam! haha

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Voted Early, Ate Fast Food Earlier

About two and a half weeks before Election Day, I went in search of fast food. It was Friday afternoon. Shortly after eating my snacks, which for me was a small meal, I decided to vote because I had received my ballot in the mail. It was a great Friday evening because I voted for Barack Obama, who is President-elect and will be our president in two months.

This isn't a blog about politics. But like I said before, the topics that guys-- hanging out eating fast food-- talk about will also be brought up once in a while.

Anyway, I ate my snacks first. No, I wasn't all that hungry but did need something to eat. Good thing the local Burger King and McDonald's restaurants are very close together. I went to the two drive-thrus and then back to the place. I was glad to have my own choice of menu items from McDonald's and Burger King. It was my type of combo-snack, with foods I like.

Did they get along? you say. Huh?! It's food! Did you think fast foods would be debating each other? I sure hope in my nightmares fast foods don't go into politics. That would be too scary. But it's probably what I get for voting and eating fast food on the same day and writing about both topics in the same post. haha

Friday, November 07, 2008

Election Night: Obama wins!

Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama!

Tuesday evening, I decided to put on a dress shirt and tie and went in search of a party. I voted for Barack Obama and wanted to go to an election victory party!

It would have been a good choice to drive to the big city but I had to wake up early the next morning. So I didn't. Instead, I found a local party but it seemed like a different group, and possibly in the wrong dimension. I'm joking. It was our dimension... just wasn't an Obama victory party, as far as I could tell.

Thank goodness for fast food. I decided to get some. When I eat it, I usually know what it's going to taste like. I bought a fast-food snack and a little bit later listened to the radio at the exact moment Obama reached the number of electoral votes needed to win the presidential election. Wow! That's great!

It would have been more fun to celebrate at a party, but I'll find some way to keep celebrating all weekend. Maybe I'll even see some people. But they better like a guy in a blue t-shirt. That's what I'll be wearing. Unless I'm wearing the green one. I don't want to wear out my ties. haha

I'm Scott, and on Tuesday I was...

Looking for an Election Night Party!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bright Side of Fast Food

We hung out at Burgerville.

Cameras don't have feelings, as far as I know. But there are times when this digital camera does capture my feelings even though I cannot express them in words. For example, the night I got together with my best friend, especially when it comes to talking about sports, singles activities, and meeting gals who like to talk sports at singles activities. haha I'm joking about the last one, but I wouldn't mind if it came true.

I wasn't trying to change the world that night. But I was hungry and wanted to eat something. So I asked my buddy to go with me to Burgerville, a fast-food restaurant located near where the dance was taking place.

After I ordered a milkshake, we sat down and talked for a while before I realized they hadn't brought it to my table. I walked back to the counter and saw it there, melting a little, but that didn't matter to me because it was a good milkshake.

We didn't stay there long because we were going to a dance just down the street. I don't recall dancing, but I did a lot of talking, and listening too. Instead of staying until the end of the dance, three of us decided to leave a bit early and went over to Burgerville. That was my idea. Guess you probably figured that out! haha

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Had some fun!

This picture was taken last month in Portland, close to the fast food restaurant where I went with a buddy. The Oregon Convention Center is in the background. We met in that area, walked to the restaurant and hung out there for a short time. I was getting hungry. (Yeah, it does seem like food is all I care about, but it's just not true.) My hunger was due to not eating much that day, though I did later.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello. It's Friday! Time for something good to eat, and then post the pics. (I'll post the pictures this afternoon.) I went to Wendy's for chicken sandwiches and french fries around 11 a.m. today and made it easy on myself by using the drive-thru. Wish you could have been here. Enjoy the weekend!

It's Fry-Day! I mean Friday.

Chicken sandwiches and french fries
from the local Wendy's

I only ate the equivalent of one sandwich and less than half of the fries. My goal is to stay trim but still have fun eating with friends and family on special occasions. Like fry-day! I mean Friday! Anyway, take it easy. Eat something and think of me; I'll do the same. haha

So, maybe your dog's stomach thinks it owns you, too?!

"Chicken and fries are mine!"

"Hey, who said that?"

Well, man and his best friend think alike. But if you said "Man wins again!" ...Thanks for the vote of confidence! Note: The dog doesn't get much food we eat, but (shhhh... quiet!) don't anyone tell her she's only a dog.
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Sunday, October 05, 2008

If you want me to dance until breakfast, serve it at 10 p.m.

During my walk in Portland (see last post), I spotted a Wendy's (pictured below), and during the same walk saw McDonald's and Burger King. It's convenient when they are in the same area. I didn't eat fast food in any of those places because there was a dance that evening. Not that I know how to dance. Clearly I'm a much better eater than a dancer. haha

Anybody else out there like to dance at home and sing along with a song on the radio while looking in the mirror. I know some of you are saying "Me, Me, Me!" Hmm, ok, thanks for that. But No, you didn't just win a contest. LOL

Here's how the Wendy's sign looked a couple of weeks ago, when I took the picture from the sidewalk.
But actually what I like most about Wendy's are their chicken sandwiches, which are among my favorite fast foods ever. But I was hungry for breakfast because they were advertising it at this Wendy's. And where I live the Wendy's doesn't open early for breakfast. That's ok, I could eat breakfast at night if they choose to add it to their menu in the future. Hint, hint...

This is part of another photo from the sidewalk. It was a large photo so I cropped it to show why I was hungry for breakfast, not supper, in the evening.

Almost forgot to finish with my little story about a night on the town... I was on my way to the dance and also planned to spend some time with my best buddy, especially when talking about sports and other topics of interest to single guys. Ok, how can I explain this... perhaps it's best to say: Ladies, we hope you talk about us, too. Yeah, I'd add 'haha' but this time I really, really mean it. Bye!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

During my walk in the city, I became a part of nature. Sort of

Tree-fro? Far out, man!

Is this the newest hairstyle? No, it's not. It's just another example of the digital camera being held low and too close to my face. I love trees because they are so beautiful to look at. People, please protect trees and nature. Thanks. We need trees and they need us to realize how much we need them on the planet.

Maybe during the NBA basketball season I'll talk about 'tree frows' (or 'tree fhrows') which is what I call badly missed free throws. Or when basketball players don't make many free throws.

Yeah, I call it 'talk' coz it's just like we are together, even though we're not. haha Have a wonderful week!
I added a few words to the above post to explain that the digital camera was held low and it gave the illusion that I'm tall and the tree was near my head but it was not. Of course most people knew this. I did not change or edit the photo.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sidewalks to Fast Food Sightseeing in NE Portland

He sometimes uses his head to give props to fast food. But he doesn't really use his head to prop up fast food signs. It only looks that way in this photo, and actually he's way below the sign. And yes, 'he' is me.

Burger King was one of the restaurants I saw as I walked on the sidewalk in NE Portland, Oregon. Going for a walk is fun and helps me work up an appetite for fast food. haha My buddy was going to meet me later in the evening so I didn't eat at Burger King this time. But I did order coffee, soda or a snack at other BK restaurants during my trip.

I'm the writer of this blog which is not connected to fast food companies. The trademarks and logos are property of their owners. I try to be as objective as possible, but I regularly provide my opinion, combined with occasional humor and other topics that come up (or come to mind) when I'm hanging out with friends, or by myself, having a snack, meal or soft drink. Take care and have a great day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photo memories live forever

Walking around on sidewalks
in Portland, Oregon, I snapped
some digital photos. Yes, I was hungry and
that's why my mind was on food. But
I was waiting to hang out with my buddy
and wound up eating some place else.

I'll post more photos from my trip over the next couple of weeks. Have a great weekend! Begin now? Yeah sure. Why not?! Have fun! I like to begin my pre-weekend celebration with a soda pop! I'm gonna drink one right now. Well yeah, you probably aren't reading this "right now" even though to you this is "right now"... I need my soda, as I'm sure you can tell. Take care. Bye.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thanks Rampai !!!

Hi Rampai. This post is just for you! Thank you for your kindness to me in my blog and in our online friendship. We have never met in person, but it's obvious you care about people. In this world that's hard to find. It's great to know you! I like that you are such a nice gal.

Your blog is very interesting! I enjoy reading about your family, the animals in your family and your Thai meals. When I visit your blog, I get hungry because the Thai foods look so delicious! I'm always ready to see your next post. God and Buddha bless you!


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Feeling Better!

This kind of "crumb-y"--
only crumbs left---
means it was yummy!

Two weeks ago Saturday, when I was feeling crummy, it turned out to be bronchitis. After taking medication for bronchitis and getting plenty of rest, today I feel much better. So I’d rather look back at my yummy snack that Saturday.

We kind of improvised and ate Krispy Kreme Mini Crullers at a local convenience store that has some small tables where customers can eat, talk, and in my case try to forget I was sick. I sipped on a latte, too, and had a some fun.

When I started feeling better, I went in search of donuts and bought Krispy Kreme Doughnut Holes.

They didn't last long because we shared them. I called our few minutes of fun a donut hole party. haha

No, I haven't been living on donut holes. I've been eating a lot of Thai Jasmine rice with melted cheese, chicken noodle soup, crackers, Sprite and whatever else makes my stomach feel good.

Note: I do not work for any of the companies or brands written about on this blog. The trademarks and copyrights are the property of their owners. My writing includes my opinion about foods that I enjoy eating and beverages I like to drink. Writing about food and mixing in my thoughts as I go along is my unique and original style which I hope is fun for people who believe as I do that it's enjoyable think about our favorite foods and talk about them with friends. If you think of me as one of your friends, thanks! You are welcome to hang out here any time. Have a great week!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Donut Hole Party is short but sweet!!

Yes, donut hole parties are fun!
But it was getting cool outside so this one only lasted a few minutes. Then we went right back inside, and I got these photos ready to show everyone -- because
I'm a nice guy. Wish you could have been here.

The two small containers of Krispy Kreme Cake Doughnut Holes ($2.49 apiece x 2 = $4.98) were bought at one of the local Jacksons Food Stores.

We waited tonight until it was almost dark outside and then had a donut hole party. At least that's what I called it.

In the above photo, Mom and I are taking the seals (protective
tapes) off the plastic containers so we could open them and get
the 'doughnut holes' out.

They were yummy! Dad took the photos. Dolly tried to get into the action. haha

Note: Photos by F.

Love Your "Neighbors on the Internet"

Good afternoon! Some of the nicest people I know are probably asleep or just waking up while I am writing this post. It's now late afternoon here, but early morning or still night there. Who knows, maybe I'll be sleeping when you visit my blog. Well, I'm glad you are here!

I would like to thank the best friends of this blog for their kindness to me over the past three months, a time when I really needed friends. I plan to write more about why they were the difference in my life when I was feeling down. For now, I just want to say 'Thank You!!!'

Planet Earth can be a very lonely place even though there are billions of us humans. However, thanks to the Internet, we have the opportunity to make many new friends, share our ideas, thoughts, experiences and learn a lot, too. And that's pretty cool if you ask me!

Could our friendships with other bloggers be the way to gradually bring about a transformation inside of our hearts and minds, which also could lead to greater understanding of each other, working together on helping to end or at least significantly reduce world hunger, disease and war (to name three)... And potentially bring about peace on earth? I don't know the answer to that question. But it's certainly worth a try. Sometimes I joke around on this blog. But in this post I'm being serious and hope it's obvious.

What I wrote about (and I'll refer to it as) to "love our neighbors on the Internet" is a great idea. By love, I mean wanting the best for someone else, which includes kindness and friendship, and it can last forever. If you receive that kind of 'love', then make sure you also give this kind of love to others who might really need a friend! Okay? I hope you will. Let's all do our best and then we will erase some of the sadness out there and replace it with happiness!

There are many people, too, that we spend time with and some were our role models when we were growing up, so I would like to recognize one who really is a special person in my life. I'll be back next time. Take care.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hello friends!

Have a great weekend! I'll do the same. Take care.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Night Lights that make my tummy growl

Fast Food signs under a September sky. (Sept. '07)
I took this picture last year but didn't post it at that time. It's among my favorites. I'll post more of them later. The above picture was cropped.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Spicy Sandwich

This is a spicy eggplant sandwich with Thai green curry, and a lot more. It's delicious! Making it took longer than pulling though the fast food drive-thru, but it was my dinner on Friday.

As seen in the picture, there are two portions on the plate. I will name the sandwich later. It's a half sandwich, known as an open-faced sandwich. Sorry I didn't draw a cute smiley face on it.

The first layer on the toast was lightly fried eggplant and sweet yellow pepper. It was cooked with a hot pepper, but I didn't put the hot pepper in sandwich. On top are thinly-sliced baby corn (a few left whole for picture) in coconut milk mixed with Thai green curry paste. I didn't make the curry paste, I bought it at an Asian grocery store.

There's more to write, but now I need something to eat. No. Every post doesn't end when I'm hungry. It only seems that way. haha

Friday, August 08, 2008

Hello. Thanks for dropping by...Hope you have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

What I did on Saturday Night

Did you guess Arby's? Yeah! Then you are right!
I went to Arby's around 10 p.m. last night and
ordered Curly Fries and an Orange Cream Swirl Shake.
My guess is I will do it again, coz I did it before (see below picture).

I'm too busy to talk right now.
Just kidding.

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago,
the first time I had this late-night snack. Yeah, it was
yummy but I couldn't eat all the fries.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Didn't want to name this post "Dog Biscuits"

Guess who was begging for Dad's ice cream
this evening...

Our pretty black lab

This dog biscuit is what's on the dog menu,
Dolly. Sorry girl, you need to get back on your diet.

Of course she likes it.

Now that I'm done with this post, what am I going to eat for dessert?? Hmm... I think ice cream would be delicious, but so would part of a candy bar. Talk about tough decisions. Anyway, gotta go. Take care!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Falling in Tart with Love requires Lotsa 'Sugar'

The title is rather puzzling to me. I have no idea what it means except perhaps when the love is missing, more sugar can't hurt. Well don't overdo it, but adding a little sweetness to one's personality also is not a bad idea. Maybe I ought to take my own advice.

All I know is, "Falling in Love with Tart" (flavor), the title I thought of using before I moved the words around and added to them, would have been an exaggeration of my July obsession with black and red currants. Yeah, they are great when sweetened, and I especially like to eat them with yogurt.

Another potential title that I scrapped before publishing this entry was "Where's the Love in Logic?" And also: "Where's the Logic in Love?" I guess it's a guy thing, or just a me thing, not being able to understand relationships and why they fall apart.

The dessert (last time) was decorated, photographed and eaten a couple of days before the post. I decided to do this part ahead of time because I knew sadness would prevent me from getting much done on that day.
While we no longer have an active romantic relationship, I do cherish the memories of our love which will remain in my heart and mind forever.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Love is Forever!

Our memories of the Love we shared will last forever!

For N,

Three years ago we met in Thailand and had many happy times together and a very special relationship. I just wanted you to know I still think about the love we had together, and I will never forget when we met each other.



Thursday, July 17, 2008


Red currants are tart and not very sweet. It depends on what you like to eat. Sometimes I enjoy eating a dessert with tart, tangy flavor. But of course sugar is needed or it wouldn't be very good. I like currants with sugar in sauce, syrup or jam. Be careful when eating because currants have seeds. Mom made currant jelly today and it doesn't have any seeds. Of course we didn't use the leaves or stems and lightly rinsed off the currants before cooking with them.

This is not a blog about cooking so I won't go into details. This is a blog about fast food. But I decided a post now and then about more natural foods would be a good idea to show people that I eat more than fried foods. haha

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yummy waffle with ice cream and currant syrup/topping!

This currant topping seems a little like cranberry sauce, though has its own flavor. Careful it has seeds! You should strain out the seeds if they bother you, and not bite down on them.

I made this syrup in a saucepan on the stove, using black and red currants, water and sugar, and the whole cooking process took about an hour... That's soy bacon on the side of the plate.
It's very tasty.

Last summer I made red currant syrup which
was wonderful on biscuits, etc.

It's not a very good webcam picture, but the syrup had

a fantastic flavor!

Waffle with ice cream and strawberry topping. Perfect for
summer, any time of day.

This waffle was on another day. It didn't have as many strawberries because I ate them earlier but it was still delicious.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


This is just a short note which will only be up here temporarily. Sometimes I will run corrections, and the notice might appear for a week or two just to notify readers of some change to a post. I made a change to a past entry. As far as I can tell, birds did not hurt the red currants this year and so I don't know what happened to the red currants last year. I like birds and as strange is it may sound, I wish them a good summer.

On a different note, I want to say thanks again to my friends. I appreciate your kindness so much and wish you the best of success, good health and happiness. Thank you. Have a great day!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Like Carrots?

Open wide for Gajar Halwa.

This is a sweet carrot pudding, which I made two months ago when I washed more carrots than were needed to put in the Borshch. Both were delicious!

More than Cereal

Today began when I rolled out of bed. It was warm in bed, but there was no lady with her arms around me. Believe me. The room was just warm, that's all. So then, after spooning into my mouth a somewhat bland breakfast cereal, which I used to love and still like now and then, I began to think about blogging. Life sure can be boring. Anyway, I'm not letting boredom or computer viruses, adware and other annoyances get me down.

Hey, it's still warm in here. The air conditioner isn't working. But perhaps Paris Hilton being a hottie has something to do with it, too. I saw her pretty face on the Internet again today. She's everywhere it seems. Actually, and unbelievably, my mom wanted to know more about Paris, so being the good guy that I am, I looked Paris up on a web site that provides information on lots of stuff including celebrities. Some sort of computer virus or spyware got started at the same time. The anti-virus program didn't work so I had to restart the computer and lost the web page about Paris. And now I realize, I never really had her in the first place. haha

Been there, done that before. It always hurts no matter how many times it happens. Joking around helps me to not feel so sad.

Note: I currently have no love life. Chatting doesn't count. Sure, some people send kisses online, but unless lips are touching other lips, it's just a little better than a fantasy. I'm a guy. That's obvious. But I do have a sensitive side.

Right now, it would be funny to break into song. But my life isn't a musical. Maybe yours is? If we were singing together in the morning over our bowls of cereal--birds chirping in the background (sounds kinda corny)-- I'm thinking cereal eating wouldn't be quite so boring. Care to join me for cereal? haha Of course I'm joking. Better to start with ice cream.

This was written almost three days ago, when the air conditioner wasn't working. Thank goodness it is now. It's still hot outside in the afternoon. I went to A&W last evening and had a root beer shake. That's after mom and I went to Taco Time for burritos. Everything tasted great!

My mind is thinking about more sweets, such as Gajar Halwa and Dudhi Halwa, which are Indian desserts I've made before. Pics of halwa, cookies, waffles with ice cream and other desserts could be posted in the days or weeks to come.

In a related note, it was nice to find a blog about Indian actresses. Here's a gorgeous actress. Now I'm not thinking about food anymore. I guess that's obvious.

No, I never dated a famous actress, though maybe a couple of girlfriends were acting. So my only advice is: When you tell someone you love them, you should mean it. And if it's a person who likes many of the same things you do--great music, movies, fast food, etc.-- that's very, very cool!

It's midnight. I'll find a picture of food to post. Then I will get back to you. Take care.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Brand New McDonald's Restaurant

Medium Iced Mocha at McDonald's
is one of the McCafe drinks.
On Wednesday afternoon, I stopped at a brand new McDonald's
restaurant, located in the Nampa area. A young woman working there told me this was the first day. The iced mocha was great! I had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Up Close and Personal Look at McDonald's 'Golden Arches'

What could this be? You tell me...

Now it's easy to see what it is. And I'm happy to write that this beautiful McDonald's in Boise, Idaho, with Golden Arches reminescent of the good-old days, is now one of my my favorite McDonald's locations. I had a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and iced coffee for breakfast, the first time I'd been there in a long time. For less than $5 US dollars, I got a tasty morning meal.

When I was a young kid, the 'Golden Arches' seemed like one of the tallest structures on Earth. I was small then. And yeah, I was full of French fries, which is my way of saying I didn't know much at that time.

I've grown up, though I don't always act like a 'grownup'... especially when I go to McDonald's for a snack or meal. Check out my silly expression in the picture below.

No, I was never a fast-food clown, although I do think Ronald McDonald is very cool! But you know what? At least one of my readers called me a clown. I know she meant I'm a funny guy! Didn't she? haha

Note: I have no connection to McDonald's, I do not speak for, do not work for and do not represent McDonald's or any company written about in this blog.

My blog is about fast food and I write opinions, commentary, reviews and describe my eating experiences.

I use humor in my writing so people won't fall asleep at their computers. What a nice, thoughtful guy I am! I often write about the kinds of topics one might expect a single guy to be thinking about when he's hanging out with his buddies at some burger joint.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Take care.