Friday, June 27, 2008

Brand New McDonald's Restaurant

Medium Iced Mocha at McDonald's
is one of the McCafe drinks.
On Wednesday afternoon, I stopped at a brand new McDonald's
restaurant, located in the Nampa area. A young woman working there told me this was the first day. The iced mocha was great! I had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Up Close and Personal Look at McDonald's 'Golden Arches'

What could this be? You tell me...

Now it's easy to see what it is. And I'm happy to write that this beautiful McDonald's in Boise, Idaho, with Golden Arches reminescent of the good-old days, is now one of my my favorite McDonald's locations. I had a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and iced coffee for breakfast, the first time I'd been there in a long time. For less than $5 US dollars, I got a tasty morning meal.

When I was a young kid, the 'Golden Arches' seemed like one of the tallest structures on Earth. I was small then. And yeah, I was full of French fries, which is my way of saying I didn't know much at that time.

I've grown up, though I don't always act like a 'grownup'... especially when I go to McDonald's for a snack or meal. Check out my silly expression in the picture below.

No, I was never a fast-food clown, although I do think Ronald McDonald is very cool! But you know what? At least one of my readers called me a clown. I know she meant I'm a funny guy! Didn't she? haha

Note: I have no connection to McDonald's, I do not speak for, do not work for and do not represent McDonald's or any company written about in this blog.

My blog is about fast food and I write opinions, commentary, reviews and describe my eating experiences.

I use humor in my writing so people won't fall asleep at their computers. What a nice, thoughtful guy I am! I often write about the kinds of topics one might expect a single guy to be thinking about when he's hanging out with his buddies at some burger joint.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Take care.


How are you? I'm glad you spent some time here viewing my blog. Sorry it's been a while since my last post. Hope you have a great day! If it's night there, enjoy your rest and take care!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just for you, N.

I love you, N

Sometimes I joke around here and it might be difficult to guess what this blog really means to me. Before I continue, I should remind readers that I am not affiliated with nor connected to any fast food companies or restaurants in a monetary sense. I do not speak for fast food companies or restaurants, nor have they endorsed me, and I don't earn money from this blog.

From the start, my main reason for writing and publishing this blog was 'love'. I am not nor have I ever been a romance writer, but I know one thing: I love N. It's the initial of the person I started a relationship with three years ago. N and I loved to go out to eat fast food during my stay in Thailand. Our fast food experiences together were wonderful.

N. wrote some great articles for Fast Food Yummy and was very supportive of me and my blog. Thank you, N. We dreamed of having a pink salon shop and a blue coffee shop. I still wish we could someday. haha Really, I'm crying... If this is the last time you read this N, please know how much I care about you. Both on the inside and outside, N, you are a beautiful person. Our relationship was the most important blessing in my life.

When we would pray on the phone, at the end our conversation, we used to ask God and Buddha to take care of us. I was taken care of and blessed to have been in such a sweet, caring relationship with you.

N, I love you!!!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Real Guy, from Earth

On a good day, the webcam makes me look OK!

I took this photo with my webcam in November. Maybe I will keep it at the top of the blog for a while, so people know I'm a real person, from this galaxy and this planet. haha (But would you know a being from another planet if you saw one? I would. They could eat all the foods we do, but wouldn't gain any weight. Ohh, I am sooo jealous, I wanna be a space alien! haha... Cool!!! But if any space aliens are reading this?? I'm joking. Seriously, there are times when I can't be serious. So please don't turn me into one of you. Coz the downside sucks! (No, forget that last thing I said, Mr. Alien, sir.) I'm really OK with being who I am, sort of an average human being, as long as I don't run out of coffee and there's something sweet, like a donut, cookie or ice cream, every 24 hours or so.

To all the other human beings out there, glad you chose to visit my blog. Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strawberries make me think about Kisses, coz both are Yummy!

Strawberries almost ready to be eaten

Now I just need to find a single gal who is very hungry (no eating-contest champions, please. But kissing champions are fine! LOL) with a gallon of ice cream. And bring a gallon for yourself, too. Yeah, I'm joking.

If we did eat the whole thing in one sitting, we would have to work it off... you know how, hmmm... by blogging together, or something. Does anyone know how many calories blogging burns off per hour? I've lost weight but doubt that blogging had anything to do with it.

I almost forgot to bring up the topic of kissing. Ok, use your imagination. I think it would be almost as yummy as strawberries and ice cream. Your thoughts on the subject? Don't worry. You can just think about it. haha

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hi there. I corrected a couple of words in the last post, and put it back on the blog. Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Funny Moments Without Too Much Fiction, Zero is the Price of Admission

This is Friday night and most people are feeling good. For some reason, however, I don't have anything funny to write about, though I will manage to come up with something. This is an opportunity for me to show how real I am. Dolly, the cute black dog, also is very real. Sometimes too real. haha

Let's begin with a list of words we don't like, stringing them together in one sentence in order to get past it as quickly as possible. Are you ready? We can't stand divorce, dog food, cavities, the word "NO" (in some instances), dating, waiting, and everything that's 'frustrating'... Ok now, I did 'go through' that first one a long time ago. Dolly was unhappy about what those other two nasty words stand for, more times than she can count. Yeah, you're right she can't count, but I thought that would be a clever line.

These days she doesn't like dog food unless there's yummy food people eat mixed in, or even better on top, coz then she has an easier time avoiding the dog food. Cavities? Uh, none this time. I brush and floss like most people, but I still eat candy, cookies and a bunch of yummy foods that the dentist doesn't need to know I eat. haha

Unripe currants

Dolly doesn't like the word "NO". This is the truth: Already this year I've spotted her in the garden, digging holes and told her to stop. She just sort of looked around pretending she didn't hear me. Yes, she is very intelligent. The last post was flavored with quite a bit of humor. But it it is true that Dolly has in past years eaten fruit off the ground, including little plums and apples. The fruit isn't ripe yet. Last summer, I made currant syrup using fresh red currants but didn't have many of them, although there were plenty of black currants.

Did I forget any words on my 'don't like' list? Oh yeah... dating, waiting and frustrating. Yep! Dating does involve too much waiting for love, then sometimes love can disappear and that really hurts. Sadness and frustration can be the result. It's a good thing Dolly doesn't have to worry about the male of her species, coz she's been... well, I should be polite here and tell a fib: she's chosen not to have children. haha (Ok, she can't have puppies.) Anyway, it's too much of an added responsibility, given all her current 'duties', pestering us for pizza, whining for pie and generally craving all the foods that people love.

Humor is one way to get through tough times. My goal is to provide people with a unique blend of fast food opinion and entertainment.

However, if you are going through a difficult stretch in your life, for example caused by the loss of a relationship which I can relate to, I do hope you will find happiness and know that there are people, like me, who care.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Coz Change (In My Car) is Not Always Inevitable When I'm in a Fast Food Mood

Did you know it's possible to order just one French Toast Stick at Jack in the Box? I never thought about that until yesterday, when I pulled up to the drive-thru menu and said to the gal taking the order that I'd like one of the Blueberry French Toast Sticks. I meant an order of (four) sticks and she wasn't sure if I meant one stick or one order. Glad she asked me if what I really wanted was an order of french toast sticks for $1.69, a great value, which comes with a little container of maple syrup to dip the french toast sticks in.

Yeah, you could order a single stick for only 50 cents. She said that's popular, often requested by families with kids or customers that only want one. And, I was thinking, people on diets. Actually, I ate less than two and shared the rest.

It was a rainy afternoon, with clouds blocking the suns' rays most of the day. Before getting my late afternoon snack, I went to the store which was uneventful to say the least. School's out and shopping chaos appears to be the new form of summer vacation with gasoline prices so high. I would write 'haha' after sentences where you are supposed to laugh but today I'm too tired. You can figure out the correct response for yourself.

Before supermarket hell could temporarily destroy my peace of mind, I did a little research at McDonald's, which revealed that there's not just one explanation by service crew for the change in iced coffee sizes. At the first McDonald's location, I asked in the drive-thru about the sizes and the girl there said the sizes are larger now. I didn't buy the drink there but chose instead to try the other one. At the second McDonald's location I went to, I ordered at the counter and asked to see the cups. The cashier showed me the cups and told me that last year's medium is now called 'large' now and large is 'extra large'. When I was there in May, they did not have iced coffee on the big menu board on the wall behind the counter. They still don't have iced coffee on that menu.

What else is there to mention? I forgot to write about Cold Stone Creamery closing in Ontario some months ago. That was a sad moment for those of us who love their ice cream.

On Sunday, I drove to Nampa, Idaho, not to go to Cold Stone, but when I drove near the store, the ice-cream temptation was more than I could resist. It seems as though the prices have gone up and they gave me less ice cream than before. I ordered "Love It", which is medium size. I asked the gal to mix peanut butter and coffee ice cream and add some white chocolate chips.

The ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, from my past experiences, is filled to well over the top of the dish. This time it was below the top, starting to melt when she handed it to me and the ice cream was not as yummy as before!

I still love their ice cream, but this clearly was nothing to write home, or overseas, about. Since there's no longer a Cold Stone store in town, I will stop by Baskin-Robbins this summer. You can be sure I'll buy ice cream at the local grocery stores, too. Maybe I'll write about my favorite ice cream brands and flavors as well as have a more links to ice-cream eating happiness on planet Earth.

Before I totally forget, Sunday's fast-food snacking wasn't finished until I had a big smile on my face. I went to Carl's Jr. in Nampa and ordered Crisscut Fries, which was on my list of favorite fast foods. I ate about half of them (well alright, more than half) with House Dressing. These are the waffle fries that taste great and are fun to eat! If I decide to have a list of only fast foods in America, you can be sure they will be near the top. Wow! I gotta go! Gettin' hungry again. Change is inevitable; just wish there was more of it in the car for the next time I'm in a fast food mood. Ok, I will write hahaha. Coz three ha's are better than two. Bye.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Three Years

When you love someone, it's important to tell that person your feelings because love is more important than anything else in the world. I love you, Nith! I've experienced much happiness with you as my gf and sweetheart. You are very special to me. Thank you so much for loving me. I'm so glad I met you and that we started to know each other three years ago. Love, Scott

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hi Mom!

I know mom likes to pick up iced coffee at
McDonald's drive-thru window. Since it's
her birthday, I wanted to post a photo she could
really relate to. Hope you enjoy it, Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!

On a gorgeous day in May, I enjoyed
a Starbucks iced Americano.

Mom and I both like coffee, lattes, etc. and enjoy going to Starbucks. It's her birthday today, so I wanted to say:

Happy Birthday Mom!



Now see, that was better than one of those pricey cards from the store. LOL