Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Coz Change (In My Car) is Not Always Inevitable When I'm in a Fast Food Mood

Did you know it's possible to order just one French Toast Stick at Jack in the Box? I never thought about that until yesterday, when I pulled up to the drive-thru menu and said to the gal taking the order that I'd like one of the Blueberry French Toast Sticks. I meant an order of (four) sticks and she wasn't sure if I meant one stick or one order. Glad she asked me if what I really wanted was an order of french toast sticks for $1.69, a great value, which comes with a little container of maple syrup to dip the french toast sticks in.

Yeah, you could order a single stick for only 50 cents. She said that's popular, often requested by families with kids or customers that only want one. And, I was thinking, people on diets. Actually, I ate less than two and shared the rest.

It was a rainy afternoon, with clouds blocking the suns' rays most of the day. Before getting my late afternoon snack, I went to the store which was uneventful to say the least. School's out and shopping chaos appears to be the new form of summer vacation with gasoline prices so high. I would write 'haha' after sentences where you are supposed to laugh but today I'm too tired. You can figure out the correct response for yourself.

Before supermarket hell could temporarily destroy my peace of mind, I did a little research at McDonald's, which revealed that there's not just one explanation by service crew for the change in iced coffee sizes. At the first McDonald's location, I asked in the drive-thru about the sizes and the girl there said the sizes are larger now. I didn't buy the drink there but chose instead to try the other one. At the second McDonald's location I went to, I ordered at the counter and asked to see the cups. The cashier showed me the cups and told me that last year's medium is now called 'large' now and large is 'extra large'. When I was there in May, they did not have iced coffee on the big menu board on the wall behind the counter. They still don't have iced coffee on that menu.

What else is there to mention? I forgot to write about Cold Stone Creamery closing in Ontario some months ago. That was a sad moment for those of us who love their ice cream.

On Sunday, I drove to Nampa, Idaho, not to go to Cold Stone, but when I drove near the store, the ice-cream temptation was more than I could resist. It seems as though the prices have gone up and they gave me less ice cream than before. I ordered "Love It", which is medium size. I asked the gal to mix peanut butter and coffee ice cream and add some white chocolate chips.

The ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, from my past experiences, is filled to well over the top of the dish. This time it was below the top, starting to melt when she handed it to me and the ice cream was not as yummy as before!

I still love their ice cream, but this clearly was nothing to write home, or overseas, about. Since there's no longer a Cold Stone store in town, I will stop by Baskin-Robbins this summer. You can be sure I'll buy ice cream at the local grocery stores, too. Maybe I'll write about my favorite ice cream brands and flavors as well as have a more links to ice-cream eating happiness on planet Earth.

Before I totally forget, Sunday's fast-food snacking wasn't finished until I had a big smile on my face. I went to Carl's Jr. in Nampa and ordered Crisscut Fries, which was on my list of favorite fast foods. I ate about half of them (well alright, more than half) with House Dressing. These are the waffle fries that taste great and are fun to eat! If I decide to have a list of only fast foods in America, you can be sure they will be near the top. Wow! I gotta go! Gettin' hungry again. Change is inevitable; just wish there was more of it in the car for the next time I'm in a fast food mood. Ok, I will write hahaha. Coz three ha's are better than two. Bye.