Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just for you, N.

I love you, N

Sometimes I joke around here and it might be difficult to guess what this blog really means to me. Before I continue, I should remind readers that I am not affiliated with nor connected to any fast food companies or restaurants in a monetary sense. I do not speak for fast food companies or restaurants, nor have they endorsed me, and I don't earn money from this blog.

From the start, my main reason for writing and publishing this blog was 'love'. I am not nor have I ever been a romance writer, but I know one thing: I love N. It's the initial of the person I started a relationship with three years ago. N and I loved to go out to eat fast food during my stay in Thailand. Our fast food experiences together were wonderful.

N. wrote some great articles for Fast Food Yummy and was very supportive of me and my blog. Thank you, N. We dreamed of having a pink salon shop and a blue coffee shop. I still wish we could someday. haha Really, I'm crying... If this is the last time you read this N, please know how much I care about you. Both on the inside and outside, N, you are a beautiful person. Our relationship was the most important blessing in my life.

When we would pray on the phone, at the end our conversation, we used to ask God and Buddha to take care of us. I was taken care of and blessed to have been in such a sweet, caring relationship with you.

N, I love you!!!