Saturday, June 14, 2008

Real Guy, from Earth

On a good day, the webcam makes me look OK!

I took this photo with my webcam in November. Maybe I will keep it at the top of the blog for a while, so people know I'm a real person, from this galaxy and this planet. haha (But would you know a being from another planet if you saw one? I would. They could eat all the foods we do, but wouldn't gain any weight. Ohh, I am sooo jealous, I wanna be a space alien! haha... Cool!!! But if any space aliens are reading this?? I'm joking. Seriously, there are times when I can't be serious. So please don't turn me into one of you. Coz the downside sucks! (No, forget that last thing I said, Mr. Alien, sir.) I'm really OK with being who I am, sort of an average human being, as long as I don't run out of coffee and there's something sweet, like a donut, cookie or ice cream, every 24 hours or so.

To all the other human beings out there, glad you chose to visit my blog. Enjoy the weekend!