Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strawberries make me think about Kisses, coz both are Yummy!

Strawberries almost ready to be eaten

Now I just need to find a single gal who is very hungry (no eating-contest champions, please. But kissing champions are fine! LOL) with a gallon of ice cream. And bring a gallon for yourself, too. Yeah, I'm joking.

If we did eat the whole thing in one sitting, we would have to work it off... you know how, hmmm... by blogging together, or something. Does anyone know how many calories blogging burns off per hour? I've lost weight but doubt that blogging had anything to do with it.

I almost forgot to bring up the topic of kissing. Ok, use your imagination. I think it would be almost as yummy as strawberries and ice cream. Your thoughts on the subject? Don't worry. You can just think about it. haha