Thursday, October 29, 2009

Volunteer your time or Donate to your favorite organizations

The regional food bank in Ontario, Oregon distributes food for the hungry to food pantries in Malheur and Harney Counties.
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Southeast Oregon Regional Food Bank on Thursday afternoon hosted the Ontario Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours in Ontario, Oregon.
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What if aliens grew underground

Boundaries of the imagination may be all that can limit our creativity as writers. It's almost Halloween and that's a good time to have a little fun!

This is a Sunchoke (also known as a Jerusalem artichoke) from the garden. It's a tuber and grows in the soil. In one sense, I like sunchokes better than potatoes because they have a sweet, nutty flavor. It's good steamed with butter or in thin slices, fried and served like hash browns. Yum!

Since it's going to be Halloween on Saturday, I'll be eating candy and write about it. But I don't eat candy every day. Hey, I can't believe it's snowing as I type, though I'm hoping it won't stick.

Being a real live snowman for Halloween would be a very cool costume, but I prefer having a hot babe in each arm. Of course it's another fantasy that will melt away, as soon as my brain thaws out. haha Lots of kidding in here. Too bad goofing off isn't considered a transferable skill. Then I might actually be able to lasso a real paying job, that is permanent and with benefits. I need to invent a time machine that takes me back to the Old West, or to the 25th century. Maybe it's nice there. And who knows, perhaps "Fast Food Yummy" is required reading for college students in the future. I always had a feeling pretty girls would like me better after I was dead. Oh yeah, I will be there if I can somehow invent a time machine. Better get to work. haha Bye.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just kind of hanging out.


It's like... yeah, just bought a latte, sitting in the passenger seat, and I thought 'smile', therefore I smiled.
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Friday, October 09, 2009

Congratulations President Obama on winning the Nobel Peace Prize!!!

I wish you the best in your continued leadership and efforts to achieve peace on Earth.

God bless you, President Obama.

from Scott
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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

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I refuse to conform to screwed-up society. Governments, businesses, and people that would muzzle us are WRONG. Freedom of speech & writing forever!!!

It's a beautiful spring day (in this photo) except my favorite person passed away in April!! I miss my Grandma! I love her. I know she's in heaven, and I'll always think about her, so she's in my heart and my mind too.

She believed in me and cheered me up when I was feeling down. I've been mistreated, cheated, lied to and under appreciated by some past employers and past girlfriends. It's painful. Sad. Depressing. It's yet another reason "Fast Food Yummy" is such a great place for me because it's where I put a lot of my good feelings and comments about the best fast food experiences, and what else comes to mind when I'm hanging out with friends or by myself.

But have you ever noticed how there are more and more people these days that want to destroy our good feelings and take away our smiles?

Governments of this world continue to try and take away freedoms of speech from people on our planet, including the freedom to write what we think and believe, and that makes me very upset. Some nations of course are ruled by idiots who arrest people for what they say or write which means in those countries they have very little freedom of speech or almost no freedoms at all. Well, there's the 'reality' everybody seems to want me to focus on. Sometimes what comes to mind when I'm eating out is the big world because I care about people and I want change for the better.

The above photo shows my best dog friend, Dolly, also known as Dollie by my parents, and known as Dahlilah (or you could spell it Delilah, Dollilah, or Dollylah), Dollishka (my Russian nickname for her), Dolly Pepper (a name that didn't stick when she was a little puppy) and Dollypiglet, and other nicknames that shall go without mention at this time.

Dolly is cool.
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