Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Fire On the Inside" by Pillar will be on my Top 25 rock songs of the '00s

My Top 25 of the '00s includes one of the best Christian rock songs which I'd label somewhere between "metal" and hard-rock. I haven't heard the song on mainstream radio stations, but it sure should get a lot of airplay on all rock stations.

The song is "Fire On the Inside" by Pillar. It's a great song! Check out their website by clicking on Pillar. You can listen to the song on their website.

Was there any 'meaning' to the '00s?

I won't answer that question here. I'm neither a REAL philosopher nor a shrink. I'm not saying the world's all screwed up, even though it is. Well, at least I'm not going to spend time thinking or writing about the world's problems today.

I think I'll forget about that question and go back to dancing around in circles with the radio -- well, not cranked up to blow the ceiling off, though -- ON! loud enough for me to be super-charged throughout my body for New Year's Eve, and maybe causing aftershocks in my body for several days into 2010. In the last part, I'm joking. However, I do like to dance by myself to rock songs, especially ones with no dance beat whatsoever. It does make dancing more interesting though not necessarily make me a good catch. Ladies, what do you think? No, don't answer that question.

I want to add this: Please don't turn the music up too loud! But please have fun because, in my opinion, there's nothing more fun than fun. And rock music is fun! Which makes fun even more fun. Yes, I do need that kind of fun. Did I use the word "fun" too many times? No. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!! Happy New Year!!

In upcoming entries, I'll just say what I was going to say... yeah, I do mean, I'll write what I was going to write, and maybe even turn you ON! to songs, food, and fun. These aren't the meaning of life but do make me feel happy. I'll try to think it over later. Okay, maybe not.

I'll go get an iced latte and finish my Rock 25 of the '00s. There will be more than 25 songs from this decade on my Top 100 (over 40 years) but I'll figure that out later.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking up to Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl was honored in Warren, Ohio this year. It's the town where he was born. Grohl became a famous rock star as the frontman, guitarist, songwriter and lead singer of the rock band Foo Fighters. Yes, he was an outstanding drummer in the legendary band Nirvana before he formed Foo Fighters. But drummers don't always get the recognition they deserve for helping make a band great. Now, Grohl is a member of the rock super-group Them Crooked Vultures and as the drummer he's helping give that band their own distinctive sound.

The above painting of Grohl in Warren, Ohio is a nice large, mural-style artwork that really reminds us how popular he is in rock music these days. I'm so good at stating the obvious, I'll probably tell you this again when I publish my list of top rock songs. That's because there will be songs by those bands on my list. Yes, it is because they are great! What else? I bought Foo Fighters Greatest Hits CD before Christmas as a gift to myself. I'm planning on having a little party (because I haven't started listening to it yet)... the party will be... actually just me and the CD, maybe way too much coffee or soda pop.

I'm also going to buy the new CD by Them Crooked Vultures -- for a second time -- because instead of opening it when I bought it the first time, I gave it as a Christmas present. Today, I'm gong to the store to buy the CD. Maybe I'll pick up food some place, too, because I want to feel good when I'm listening to the CDs.

Okay, it's almost 2010. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

David Grohl Alley in Warren, Ohio

Yeah!! Cool!! I wasn't there, but my Mom posed and Dad took this photo. Nice job!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flyleaf got lucky or even more blessed (depending on how you see it) coz I woke up,

turned on the radio and listened to their version of a well-known Christmas song, "Do You Hear What I Hear". I like it.

Then, I decided to do this strange little write-up just in time for Christmas. So, Merry Christmas to Flyleaf and their fans!

Flyleaf has some great songs and they are a Christian rock band whose songs have become popular on mainstream radio. And they have an outstanding new video with the song "Again", which is listed as the Number 1 music video on Yahoo! Music, from what I could see this morning. So, as they say, check it out!

Anyway, I'm still drinking coffee (that should stop in about 40 years, yeah haha) and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

I called "The Effect" to request a song, but reached their office and not the request line. The guy said they are probably not at the radio station right now.

(It is about 2:30 am, so maybe I'll stop eating chocolate chip cookies and eat some real food. No, that wasn't the name of the song I hoped to request, and I didn't tell the dude on the phone that I was eating chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps it sounded as though I was running on c.c. cookies. I don't know. End of narration of what I'm doing right now, which of course could be January, February or March when you are reading this post. Of the year 2010, 11, 12, or 2031, one year before... well, check out my blog later, and you'll find out.

I almost forgot. One of the best songs, which will be on my list of 100 best songs since 1970, is "Monsoon" by Tokio Hotel.

If you don't know where I'm coming from or what my opinion on music is by the time I'm finished, then maybe I've been fair, which is what I've set out to do here, as a writer of this blog. I will consider any rock songs and recording artists, but I'm not going to put all of them on that list. And I'm not showing favoritism. However, I do think my taste in music has been influenced by great bands and their songs.

My goal in choosing songs is not to make a favorites list but to try and figure out which songs were among the best. Some people reviewing music use the words "great" and "greatest" but to me that could be understood to mean songs that were popular or have been heard on radio stations over the years.

I'll try to explain at another time why music reviews and my thoughts on rock music appear on my fast food blog.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the song by Flyleaf, an outstanding Christian hard-rock band, would have sounded even better if it had layered vocals. How do I know this? Well, I was listening to "The Effect" on the radio, then I opened the Effect Radio website so I could try to request a song. (It's a good station and I like it a lot.)

I listened to the webcast from the website at the same time as listening to the song on the regular radio. They weren't at the same place in the song, with a little delay on the song played on the webcast. I went back to listening to only the radio for now, but if you are some place else, maybe you can click in to the webcast. Have fun!

No, I didn't go to the moon. And I won't be going to the moon.

There's no fast food there, as far as I know. This is a fast food blog. If you think there's fast food on the moon, then maybe you know more than I do.

I didn't even go to Ohio, United States, Earth. haha But Mom and Dad did in August and early September. They went to Warren, Ohio and took some pictures at David Grohl Alley. Okay, that's next time. And this time, I really mean it.

Have a great day!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did we really go to the moon?

Well, I didn't go to the moon, did you?

I mean astronauts... Did astronauts really go to the moon?


I mean: Yes.

But No, it won't be discussed here.

That's what I mean.

But I do know this...

(I'll finish that thought--and name the song too, which is a separate topic-- next time.)

oh, the suspense!
I'll tell everyone soon what
is one of the best songs since 1970.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Breakfast after holiday (Thanksgiving) and...

Tonight, just thinking about how beautiful the college girls would have been at a PARALLEL UNIVERSITY.

Pecan pie and coffee.

The pie was yummy. I bought it at Albertsons and was happy it tasted so good. Sometimes pies from grocery stores have bad crusts. Not this one. It was good.
It's worthy of my 'Food That's Fast but Not Fast Food' mention (even though I don't have such a thing), so I'll mention it.

There, I mentioned it.

Now, it would be fun to find out if we really are what we eat.

What if...

If you see me, oh around the beginning of 2010 and I look like a GIANT PECAN, it's okay, don't fret.

I still kiss as good as ever, even if I haven't done any kissing in a long time. Maybe as a pecan, I'll get some love from walnuts, cashews, and almonds. Women? I doubt it.

Some women, my goodness, I'm afraid of you. My advice? Well, what good would that do.

Okay then, just be yourselves, but only if yourselves are nice, polite and kind selves. Otherwise, please stay away from me.

Pie is better than fun, if by fun you mean oh, cut that out and quit screwing with the English language.

{Note: This is my opinion and is not an endorsement. It's only about what I ate or drank when I consumed it. I am not responsible for foods, food quality, consistency or food safety and related issues of any foods, including baked goods, desserts, fast food menu items, meals or manufactured food products. To give feedback, voice safety and health concerns, or to bring up issues about foods, please contact the place of purchase and company that cooked, baked or manufactured those food items.}

Let me add:

If you can't eat pecan pie or kiss because you are not allowed to, that's okay, don't worry. Just do as you are told. Or whatever. But if you are allowed to, that's good too.

End post.



I just thought I'd put a plug in for good old-fashioned fun. Do something that makes you smile and laugh. I didn't mean the word that ends with the letter 'x'.

That makes you laugh? If so, maybe I'm on the wrong planet Earth.

Yeah, if I had a chance to go back and do it (well, not IT!!!) again...


And I would have had more fun there. Ummm...good, clean fun. Yeah, Right!

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Monday, December 07, 2009

This note is just to say I will post photos from the past right along with more recent photos. And the stories, articles and short posts won't only be about what's happening now.

Snow, snow... This was last year in December.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Shake It

I liked this Egg Nog Shake from McDonald's. We parked and I sipped on it. Yeah, I did "ENJOY" the shake as it says on the cup, but I would have liked the pumpkin-flavored shake better. Several times I tried to order that flavor of shake at two or more McDonald's restaurants (and it was listed on the drive-thru menu) but when I asked they said they they didn't have it right now.

Maybe someone somewhere doesn't want me to drink that flavor because they think I'll want to vote, since (as I recall) the last time I had that flavor of shake, I voted the same day.

Let's see now, what could I vote for this time: I'll vote for the shake that's best to drink while I'm voting... for best shake. Okay, I'm kidding. But really. I did drink some shakes this year to try to figure out which shake I liked best, and I think it just got me more confused. But if I can't come to a decision right away, then I can drink more shakes next year. So the world can't end in 2010. At least not until I'm finished drinking shakes.

A. Doomsayers, quit saying the world is going to end. B. Smile.

After Thanksgiving

We went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Before coming back, we went to Fred Meyer then to the McDonald's next to Fred Meyer. I ordered iced coffee in that drive-thru so I could get going again. Two hours earlier I drank an Egg Nog Shake at another McDonald's restaurant not far from there.

Yeah, I get around. haha