Saturday, March 27, 2010

My way to Halo-Halo 'Sprummer'... You figure it out!

Similar to Halo-Halo treats I've eaten, for flavor and my own enjoyment! As shown, I added plantain, which was cooked in butter in a skillet, also sections of an uncooked fresh Cherimoya (caution: it contains large seeds), plus a few pecans, and ice cream.

I like this scoop of ice cream because I love huckleberries, and this is the Tillamook Mountain Huckleberry premium ice cream. More huckleberries would make the ice cream even better but it's pretty good the way it is.
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You're Right!

The Internet seems to be full of jerks who just want to criticize our tastes in music. They suck! Hey, I don't give advice and this isn't an advice column. But let me just add, if you are a young adult or teenager, though I doubt many teens read my blog, you are right about the bands, albums, and songs you think are great! Keep loving or liking those artists and their music.

At the same time, those are only songs, and just like when you watch a movie or TV show, don't do what they did or say what they said because it's intended for entertainment purposes and the songs and movies are NOT about your life. The characters in movies or subjects of songs may be based on reality or they could be pure fantasy, or something in between.

Be careful and don't identify with something that could harm you. I'm saying songs can be appreciated in an objective way, just like watching a movie, even though you may not have done what the characters are doing-- and in many cases you should not do what they are doing-- or what the singer is singing about in the song. For example, the songs on my list of 25 Best Songs of the '00s do not necessarily reflect my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings, my lifestyle or anything about me. Obviously, I can relate to some lyrics, but most lyrics are like going to a movie and listening to characters talking, being entertained but not really being able to relate to those characters or understand why they are that way.

I enjoy entertainment, especially good movies and music. I remember the music I liked when I was a teenager and for the most part I was right about the songs I felt were excellent. It's important to keep believing in yourself and don't listen to rude people online, because I know you are right about your taste in music!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Behind the scenes at FFYummy, very, very (little) serious thinking! ...this time

I'm not here to read minds, especially the mind of a dog, but let me guess...

Dolly's eyes speak volumes:

1(a)The bedroom is messy and he didn't make his bed, so why did he invite me in here? Oh wait umm... I'm a dog and I invited myself in. That's cool.
1(b)Any person reading this who wants me, the pretty dog in the picture, to invite myself in to their bedroom had better have bags full of goodies.
1(r)I think I skipped a few letters, but I'm a dog and this is just a short list that's on my mind, or actually it isn't, but I'm sure someone is saying I have... yeah, like these logical thoughts about what I'm going to eat next. Yeah right, like Hello?!
2(d)Don't expect any diet tips from me. I'm a dog and I love to eat.
2(x)I wonder what's in 'Bag Number 2', and finally...
(z)Where's bag number 3? We need more choices.
1(a)We have to start over with 1(a) coz I ran out of numbers and letters, but I'll finish with 1(a) because it's most important... this is it, umm Forget The Past, it's bad for you, and by that I mean quit telling me that I already ate dinner. Out of sight, out of mind... It's the past. I can't stand people with too much baggage, you know like thinking about the past all the time. We dogs are superior in that regard coz we just keep moving on. So, like I said/thought...umm no I didn't really think this but it doesn't matter though, just feed me! Enjoy right now, tomorrow may never come... no, no I'm a dog, it will come, and the refrigerator of life (lousy metaphor) is full of so many possibilities, and foods.
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