Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Shake, You Shake, Let's Shake Together (well, in different parts of the planet, of course)

Here is an Arby's Strawberry Banana Split Shake. It was good that night and I had another one this afternoon. Enough said. Well, it's best at night when I don't have a date, but there's another shake I prefer on those afternoons when I also don't have a date, and I wish had two...a pretty girls under each arm. And we're really having fun... I think we are heading to church. Hey, how did you think this would end? haha

Strange light shining down on my shake

This was one time late at night that I went to Arby's, and after going through the drive-thru, pulled in to sip the shake. Thank goodness I had a flashlight or I would have needed help from a full-lying soso-er, or just a regular flying saucer, or anything landing in the parking lot at just the right time. That, or turn on the overhead light, but I'm too lazy. Not really, though it is more interesting to act dumb as a writer. Too many pompous jerks out there. I'm not one. Keep being the Being that you are. In!

Next time I'll name that shake! Whew! See, if I'd written "Out!" I would have felt silly coming back and continuing to write but I wrote "In!" ... and I just wanted to point that out.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Great Shake at Carl's Jr.

This is the Banana Chocolate Chip Shake by Carl's Jr. The fact that I can't remember which time this was is proof that it's a very good tasting shake. Well, I'm saying I've had it several times this year so clearly it's a contender for best shake by a fast food restaurant. There are others but I'll save that for another day. I'll also write more about this shake later.