Friday, October 29, 2010

The Simpsons - Donut Hell

Funny stuff!

Today's SirMan: KISS m&m's get saved, plus devilish cartoon donuts, and Alice (video) goes to The Overcast Inside

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It was a year ago that I bought these M&M's and didn't open 'em so that means I'm a candy collector. Not really, I'll explain...

Sometime, but first I want to see Homer Simpson go to "Donut Hell" which I've seen before and it never gets old. In my opinion, it's Heaven that has the donuts, but I'm not an expert on the afterlife. I just know that I like to eat donuts.

Also, the famous shock-rock star Alice Cooper is back... as a Christian, and I'm sure it's not just a Halloween costumer because it was in a video from earlier this year, which I'll try to post on The Overcast Inside. That's another blog I created to write about rock songs, from past to present day.

ROCK music has a way of setting us free...from the dark clouds in our lives. I love rock music... it's not the same as having a girlfriend but it never breaks up with me, and it's always there to take my mind off the sad stuff in life. Please support these bands, musicians, singers, etc. and buy their albums and purchase downloads of their singles, and also go to their concerts.

Do Not download the songs or videos, it's strictly for the purpose of supporting my opinion. Let me make it clear, I do not upload music videos on YouTube and by this I mean I don't put those videos on YouTube. I do not download songs or videos to a computer and I do buy CDs and have bought several in '09 and '10 so I'm asking readers to do the same thing.

The copyrights of songs, all music, lyrics and artwork related to the music or videos, the videos, written materials are the property of their owners. The opinion on my blog is my own and I did take a lot of time to think about many, many songs and which songs are deserving to be in my list of 100 Best Rock Songs. There are rock songs, hard-rock, medium, and soft-rock, metal, punk, progressive rock, pop-rock, and some other songs, also a few songs crossing over from what might be thought of as other music genres. Actually, it's taken a year and a half with a little time each day devoted to listening and comparing songs. I'm still giving a bit more time to complete the list to hear bands that some music critics, radio stations, and anyone else 'high and mighty' who didn't give those bands a real chance to show how good or great they are and that's sad.

You will see comments in YouTube by individuals who are mean, nasty and don't think before they write something, but I'm not one of those people. I'm not commenting in YouTube at this time. Besides, I'm fair, I did my best to consider the songs of many bands, solo artists and musicians. Sure, I'm going to forget or miss a few great songs and can't listen to every song, but neither can anyone else. I'm not being paid to do this list but I like it. Liking something is always important to me. Hopefully it is to you too.

And one more thing, Alice Cooper and KISS will have songs on my 100 Best Rock Songs list, along with songs by many other bands. Cool and hot!!

The Overcast Inside

Here's the link to (click) The Overcast Inside

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Laugh from the past

In the FM-Me-Me-ture, oh I mean future, I join a band called formal three-piece confusion. We wear ties, but never sports coats, just casual jackets, thus creating a little confusion. Well, that and the really big, (fake) leafy, green hair. That oughta do it. I'm sure chicks will dig us...up. haha

Anyway, joking aside, this was a picture of me, about two years ago when I was in Portland, which is where I hope to go very soon. Don't worry, I'm not going to do a time progression of how I look standing under that tree every year I'm there. Actually, my head wasn't very close to that tree but it is a strange picture and even sort of cute looking for a guy who was still recovering from being sick and feeling like a zombie. Hey, it's almost Halloween, nearly five years since I began blogging...I plan to post some of my pictures during those five years, and maybe a few before that time, and remember the '00s decade while I'm at it.

At the same time, I will also continue to write about shakes and see if I can decide which one was best. And continue to mention something new and interesting, or old and not so interesting. But that's up to me. haha
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Now tell me I don't say

From Anything
here! haha

As you know, sometimes my writing style is like a guy talking with his buddies while they are at the local burger joint. It's intended to be that way. And Fun!

Yes, please click on the photo to find the missing word for today.
Now tell me I don't say anything here!

(That's the way it's supposed to read.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cheeseburger Baby - VME

This is the band I would most like to eat fast food with, if I go to Japan or if they come to America again. And of course I'd like to go to one of their concerts.

This is the video with the song "Cheeseburger Baby" by Voluntary Mother Earth.

It is one of my favorite music videos of 2010, and the song is very happy and a lot of fun.

Great work, Voluntary Mother Earth!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Please click on the photo below to see the entire photo. Due to computer problems, I had to post my photo from my public photos in Picasa, and this photo didn't fit. Have a good weekend!!

Yeah man, it's Friday!

Here's a photo of mine from last year. I usually go to McDonald's (in the background) more often, due to my grungeit, I mean budget. But here (pictured) I went to Jolts & Juice and yeaaaaah, maaaaannn I need to go back there more too. Note: Didn't the '00s decade seem like one very long yeah, man, or rather a long yawn?! A philosopher might ask, umm are we really moving at all? Which is a good question, but if we aren't in motion, then why is there espresso, to stay in place faster? What a question, maybe I need to get out more. haha