Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Do I have any special Christmas traditions?

That I came up with just to keep boredom away from me? Well, I really ought to because I get bored sometimes. But actually it's more like me being discouraged because of change. Now don't get me wrong, I'd like change if the change was what I wanted it to be. Usually change is bad because it means losing old relationships (not sexual ones, I don't talk about sex here LOL) and losing friends and needing to find new friends, or fantasies that my friends all wear the newest bikini (well, actually each one has a bikini) and they nice long (or short) pretty hair. And they don't read what I write about fast food, or at least they don't get too encouraged to eat too much food because it's almost Spring. No, there's been snow for more than a month, but it's just barely winter, and by barely, I wasn't making any subtle references to really anything. What I was getting to is, I don't mind the new fashions. I mean, have you been watching the Lady Gaga videos. If not, then I guess I've found the one person who didn't yet. Okay, now (10 minutes later) you have, but I'm not a Lady Gaga promoter. I prefer Madonna and she's still hot and all! But that has nothing to do with whether I have special Christmas traditions to avoid boredom. Well, I try to eat some new foods now and then and sometimes it happens around Christmas! I know that's not very sexy, but this is a food blog, of course with the kinds of things you might here guys talking about if you really wanted to hear guys talking, for example when they are eating fast food, but maybe it's best that you don't listen to such talk. Oh, you already read my blog from start to finish, alright then stick around. Thanks for swinging by. I meant that in a very moral, upstanding way.