Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am not a sitcom character

Please check out my music blog. I chose to call it The Overcast Inside. Maybe the name "The Overcast Inside" sounds like it could be a very strange and long song or medley with an interesting mixture of grunge and progressive rock, and that's just fine with me.

I like to think of it as a nice place where everyone can hang out. But nobody has to know your name. I think that was on the sitcom Cheers where they all knew their names or something like that but I'm not sure about the customers who left at closing time. Maybe they forgot the names, or just mispronounced them.

Also, what about all the extras, you know the ones just seated at tables, those actors who didn't have any (or not many) lines. I mean, did they know all the names too? I think I missed that episode where Cliff and Norm (two cool guys, I mean TV sitcom characters) went around the bar and named every one. I mean did they go up to each and every person, and say out loud the actors names and their characters names. I think that would have been a classic episode.

Maybe it happened, but I don't recall seeing that one. Perhaps it was two episodes, because to please me they would have to get every name right. All I remember that was significant to me about that TV show was when the series ended, the girl I used to talk with on the phone in the evening who told me she had to get off the phone to watch the sitcom, wound up marrying someone else. That was later, well not later that evening but you know what I am saying. That was fine with me. I guess I'm just not funny enough though I'll survive it. I can't compare with the legends, but I do know there's hope, out there somewhere, wait I think it's truth not hope that's out there. But there wasn't too much truth in the '00s decade. I'll try to give it some more thought-- not too much thought-- and post something on this subject.