Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Oh-No's, Decade of Wienners remembered

There were lots of wienners -- not winners -- in the '00s decade.

This really is fitting, and that's because of all the 'wienners' in the '00s decade, which I'm affectionately calling the 'Oh-No's' in this pOHst. Just remember, don't blame us regular folks because we're way cool, right?! And, what's more, we weren't the ones who caused the big problems on the planet. I decided I'm not going to write about much about unsavory bad stuff in the world because that's no fun! All I know is that a number of professional baseball home run hitters, some business leaders, and as we have become accustomed to many political leaders were wienners, not winners in the Oh-No's. They tried to make us all want to believe in becoming a 'winner' but they showed us that many winners aren't really that at all.

This isn't a real commentary, but it's not a fake one either. I don't want to get too serious and ruin my reputation for goofing off, which is what I like to do when hanging out and eating fast food.

Note: I guess wieners is how most people spell it but in this case I want it to be 'wienners' to say they weren't real winners because of them telling lies and cheating. I hope those we admire and look up to will do better.