Friday, December 31, 2010

Q: Am I really here?

A: Yes. At least I think so. But not *HERE* here (because while I'm not too big to be a blogger, I am too big to fit in a blog -- that really would be 'self published'-- although I do wait to see if the people who brought us modern pop can shrink me down enough to understand and accept it), but since it's almost 2011 and people wonder about what's next for me, I'll give a very human answer, and simply say "I don't know."

Do you know? Well, I don't mean do you know what's next for me. That would be cool though, but don't tell me unless it's something good... like you are a beautiful ex-maid, no wait I mean a former Japanese idol (you know, like retired at 25) who likes to wear a maid's costume, and you want to go on vacation to a tropical paradise with me. Of course I'm joking, but that does sound rather err... worthwhile. haha