Sunday, January 30, 2011

Because taking a J-idol in a maid's costume on a cruise could be almost as much fun as letting Jeannie out of her bottle

Well, like I said before, it would be fun to take a pretty and cute model, or any gal who always dreamed of being a model in a maid's costume somewhere romantic for a happy time.

A cruise comes to mind, and I got the idea from one of my favorite rock songs. It's a great song and I will write seriously about the song on my music blog.

I can't take a real maid, or housekeeper like the TV character Alice on The Brady Bunch although I'm sure they are nice, but I don't wanna have to say something like... "Honey, kids, Alice, everyone pack your bags, coz we're going on a cruise."

I'll leave that to Mr. Brady because I'm not a father or father-figure, and actually I looked up to Greg, as much as a kid watching a TV show could look up to an actor playing a teenager in a sitcom family (yeah man, like that!), and I was 'wild about' Marcia because she is a "real groovy chick", and at times I was slightly annoyed by Cindy and Bobby. So I was glad they were just characters. Now who were those kids in the middle?... oh whatever!, because after all it's always about "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!!"... nah, I know who they are but it's not funny to know.

Then of course, there's Yuko Ogura, the Japanese idol (not in The Brady Bunch, though that would have made The Brady Bunch better, but she wasn't born yet.) You know what, she's funny in a very charming way, cute as (meow! meow!) the Hello Kitty...Come to think of it, are they related? No, I'm just joking. Also, I've never seen them together. So you know...well, sometimes cats are girls in disguise, as I learned at an early age while watching this episode of Star Trek with a black cat turning into a way too sexy lady. She is so hot she makes me melt every time, and in the cute way, there's the effect of Yuko, and of course Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, but it does become rather annoying to think of her that way each time. I was younger than Marcia when I fell for her so it was just a small crush.

However, back to Yuko and the Japanese idols and other female idols everywhere, especially on Earth... after I count all my favorite female idols the number is somewhere around 335,223 favorites. But I can't take 335,223 on a cruise now can I, because the ship would sink. Well, this clearly wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was awful, but thanks to editing I survived. I'm done! For now...

No wait! Just like Major Nelson, I got too tired to notice how beautiful Jeannie is. Not really! And if I'd only been 20 years older back then, she would have been mine, all mine!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm chicken if I am what I eat, but Miley just scared the chicken out of me

Fried chicken from KFC is good anytime and anywhere.

On a separate note, Pamela Anderson was chosen as PETA's Person of the Year for 2010. Congratulations! I like her and hope to see more of her on TV like before, but I don't watch much TV, so I'll just think about her.

This is to take nothing away from her, but I would have chosen Miley Cyrus as person of the year, or at least the person who almost turns me off on eating chicken. Well, there is, you know, that video with Miley strutting around in feathers. The scary part is she either is or almost is eagle, umm I mean legal. What videos can we expect from her now?! Okay don't think too much about this if you need some rest. I'm done with this topic.

Actually, I did support her, by buying one of her CDs in 2009 and sending it as a present for the birthdays of my nieces who actually are my friends daughters. Although, let it be known, if they ever become singers or musicians, I hope they turn out more like Stereolab, whose CD I gave them earlier. And then there's Tokio Hotel, but don't ask me what kind of bird that is on Bill Kaulitz's shoulder in a commercial -- with Alice Cooper? The bird is a jerk and I do think Bill is good vocalist. And the song "Monsoon" by Tokio Hotel did get in my 100 Best Rock Songs List. When I started typing a little while ago, I had absolutely no idea the post would end this way. (Well, it didn't as it turns out.)

I already knew I'd mention someone else but didn't know he had passed away. Don Van Vliet died in December. Van Vliet was a rock musician, singer-songwriter, and accomplished artist and known to rock fans as Captain Beefheart. He and his band made outstanding experimental rock music!

We miss you! You made a real difference in our lives. Thank You! And yes, I am sad and have tears in my eyes. Take care!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

I wanted to say that I think some problems were caused by a computer virus, adware, or something but I'm trying to figure it out.

I'm serious quite often... but honestly it does get in the way of being funny

Dear Me!!
I went to a CD music store yesterday, and they had a going out of business sale. But I felt like it was kinda rowdy in there, with all the noise and confusion one might find at a party, but the opposite sex was the opposite of sexy. haha

Yeah, you had to be there, and I'll research this but I think the music being played there was something, though I don't know what it was, maybe hip-hop music. (short time interval between piecing this together) Just a few minutes ago, I listened to a some hip-hop song samples and it was good so now I'm not sure if what I heard at the CD music store was hip hop after all. Maybe I was in The Twilight Zone or better yet Doctor Who -- how I wish! By the way, I am available if they change actors playing the doctor again.

Alright, it's true, I've been known to be behind the times, still using phone booths or pay phones, just because. I also remember not having an answering machine until people told me to get one, for years. Then I got a bunch of messages for the wrong me, well I mean guys with my name, perhaps from a parallel universe, some Scott who actually had a good job and was loved. Job uh job?, what's a ja-ja-ja-ja job... oh forget it, that isn't a very good dance song. I love Madonna, but Lady Gaga is hmmm... let me get back to you on that one.

I was very distracted Saturday by so many people in the store, so I'll have to think more about what CD I want to buy next. I did buy some CDs this year and I'm still behind and haven't listened to all of the CDs because I'm spending my time in a fairness loop, in other words my fairness in music listening keeps repeating over and over and over, giving as many as possible the chance to get in my list of 100 Best Rock Songs. I'm serious about it and I'm a good guy.

You can read

where I went to drink this shake. Also, please see the post below. I gave my lips a workout trying to suck the shake through the straw. While I know I can't beat the hot dog guy in that contest (or shall we say modern sport), maybe this is my natural event. Drinking very thick shake with a straw (careful, I'm joking, and if you are too young to understand joking around, please leave). I don't think I'd win, but I do suck. Actually I should have used the plastic spoon, but I didn't want to spill shake on my jeans. See ladies, I do care about my clothes. Ask me out on a date! joking

Saturday, January 08, 2011

A fun Shake

This is a very thick Oreo Cookie Shake from Jack in the Box. It's one of their "Real Ice Cream Shakes" and has whipped topping and a cherry on top. Yum! Like I said, it's thick and takes some time to go through the straw. But I'm patient with shakes. I'm still finishing this shake about three hours later (as I type), but I ate Chinese food about two-thirds the way through drinking the shake. If you didn't know this already, my eating sometimes can be sort of strange but I'm not married so I don't have a wife to get mad at me. Though I suppose that would be fun. haha

Friday, January 07, 2011

This is sort of for adults only, tho it helps to be rather immature to read it LOL

If you're a minor go away, if you're a 'miner', or anyone else, you are welcome.

Maid New Year's Resolution

It's a new year
i didn't yet drink the beer
still in the refrigerator
oh no, what rhymes with refrigerator?
now i realize from deep inside of me
that i wasn't meant to write prosetry
tho in the year '10 i did see alligator
the word that is, on one fast food sign
and like the great ones said many times
look for the signs
in these end times? no way

please no, please no
don't let it end now
i only want to go
somewhere with a beach
where girls in bikinis are within reach
that's only an expression
i just mean near enough to ask on a date
i'm lonely, not really, but it fits
into this, whatever this is

i know this sounds strange
but like most of the time
i don't drink beer to write this blog
just use my brain
because i have one and it works
despite what some people, whose own
brains may be in question, may think of me

back to not drinking, that's alright with me
however, i would like to go on a cruise
not with Penelope and Tom (they are cool though)
but my choice is umm let me think a minute
in this (My) fantasy, hmm how about Yuko Ogura
but only if she brings the maid costume

because for a long time i thought taking a maid
on a cruise would be a lot of fun
and while the character Alice from The Brady Bunch
seems like the illogical but funny choice
i do favor a Japanese idol for various reasons
and since i don't know who reads this
whatever it is, i'll keep my feelings
for the Japanese super-maid as vague as possible
however, let me think again...
okay, okay, she can wear whatever she wants
and i just ran out of words
aren't you lucky

Yes, I'm a nice guy so I'll stop this nonsense immediately.
There will be more nonsense at another time, but not this
exact nonsense.

Anyway, this was for a reason. And I'll explain why later.


Saturday, January 01, 2011