Saturday, April 16, 2011

McCafe Chocolate Banana Shake

At McDonald's, I decided to order the McCafe Banana Chocolate Shake, and I'm sure glad I did. It was very sweet, smooth, and delicious! Also, this shake was cold, not runny, and just right because it was only a slightly thick shake and I could drink it with a straw.

It was Thursday after the usual dinner time for most people, shortly after I bought the two CDs. I didn't eat a meal at McDonald's because I wasn't hungry for a lot of food, and you understand, to write about many fast foods & drinks, I must go to many places and taste those foods and drinks. My plan was to try some menu choices from other fast food restaurants.

However, I can say that I really like this particular McDonald's restaurant, and I've written about it before for this blog. I didn't dine in this time, and instead went to the drive-thru because I wanted to go some other places. Let me add that this was a very satisfying shake because it was smooth and easy on my stomach, and a good choice for me. I decided not to drink coffee for two weeks and also be careful about the foods I'm eating, so a little later I tried a smoothie at another fast food restaurant, and really liked it.